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class CSPX.Dashboard.Group extends CSPX.Dashboard.Meter

Base class for Groups within an Dashboard.

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parameter HEIGHT = 0;
Inherited description: Default height, in logical units, of this meter.
parameter MINHEIGHT = 0;
Inherited description: Minimum height, in logical units, of this meter.
parameter MINWIDTH = 0;
Inherited description: Minimum width, in logical units, of this meter.
parameter SHOWLABEL = 0;
Inherited description: Should this meter display the standard label
parameter WIDTH = 0;
Inherited description: Default width, in logical units, of this meter.


property Meters as list of Meter (XMLNAME = "Meters", XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE");
Meters belonging to this group
Property methods: MetersBuildValueArray(), MetersCollectionToDisplay(), MetersCollectionToOdbc(), MetersDisplayToCollection(), MetersGet(), MetersGetObject(), MetersGetObjectId(), MetersGetSwizzled(), MetersIsValid(), MetersOdbcToCollection(), MetersSet(), MetersSetObject(), MetersSetObjectId()
property Orientation as %String (MAXLEN = 10, VALUELIST = ",horizontal,vertical", XMLPROJECTION = "attribute") [ InitialExpression = "horizontal" ];
Direction in which to layout meters within this group.
Property methods: OrientationDisplayToLogical(), OrientationGet(), OrientationIsValid(), OrientationLogicalToDisplay(), OrientationLogicalToOdbc(), OrientationNormalize(), OrientationSet()


method GenerateCode(pCode As %CharacterStream, pLevel As %Integer = 1) as %Status
Inherited description: Called by Dashboard class to generate code to create an instace of this object. The object instance is called tMeter. The generated code will be called in the context of the OnPage method of the CSPX.Dashboard.Page class.
method InsertMeter(pMeter As Meter)
Insert a meter into this group
method OnSVGBody()
Draw the body of this SVG meter
method OnSVGInitJS()
Inherited description: Generate JavaScript to initialize client-side meter object
classmethod OnSVGScript()
Draw the script section of this SVG meter
classmethod OnSVGStyle()
Inherited description: Draw the style section of this SVG meter

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