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abstract class CSPX.Dashboard.Chart extends CSPX.Dashboard.Meter

Base class for SVG-based Charts for Dashboard.

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parameter CHARTTYPE = Chart;
Overridden by subclasses to specify which JS object to use for chart.
parameter MINHEIGHT = 75;
Inherited description: Minimum height, in logical units, of this meter.
parameter MINWIDTH = 75;
Inherited description: Minimum width, in logical units, of this meter.


property AutoScale as %Boolean (XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, then scale for this chart is adjusted automatically to match current data values. RangeUpper and RangeLower are ignored.
By default, AutoScale is false.
If RangeUpper and RangeLower are not defined, then this will be set to true as a convenience.
Property methods: AutoScaleDisplayToLogical(), AutoScaleGet(), AutoScaleIsValid(), AutoScaleLogicalToDisplay(), AutoScaleLogicalToXSD(), AutoScaleNormalize(), AutoScaleSet(), AutoScaleXSDToLogical()
property IndependentScale as %Boolean (XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If false, then all series for this chart share the same y-axis scale. If true, then the range for each series is specified by each series. By default, IndependentScale is true.
Property methods: IndependentScaleDisplayToLogical(), IndependentScaleGet(), IndependentScaleIsValid(), IndependentScaleLogicalToDisplay(), IndependentScaleLogicalToXSD(), IndependentScaleNormalize(), IndependentScaleSet(), IndependentScaleXSDToLogical()
property LabelSource as %String (MAXLEN = 64, XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Optional source for labels (along x-axis for line and bar charts). This is the name of multi-dimensional metric property that contains a list of label names. If XDimensions is set to "instances", then this value is ignored.
Property methods: LabelSourceDisplayToLogical(), LabelSourceGet(), LabelSourceIsValid(), LabelSourceLogicalToDisplay(), LabelSourceLogicalToOdbc(), LabelSourceNormalize(), LabelSourceSet()
property Points as %Integer (XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Number of points to display
Property methods: PointsDisplayToLogical(), PointsGet(), PointsIsValid(), PointsLogicalToDisplay(), PointsNormalize(), PointsSet(), PointsXSDToLogical()
property SeriesList as list of ChartSeries (XMLNAME = "Series", XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT");
Optional collection of Series definitions for this chart. If Series are defined the Property defined for this chart is ignored.
Property methods: SeriesListBuildValueArray(), SeriesListCollectionToDisplay(), SeriesListCollectionToOdbc(), SeriesListDisplayToCollection(), SeriesListGet(), SeriesListGetObject(), SeriesListGetObjectId(), SeriesListGetSwizzled(), SeriesListIsValid(), SeriesListOdbcToCollection(), SeriesListSet(), SeriesListSetObject(), SeriesListSetObjectId()
property Style as %String (MAXLEN = 100, XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Style to apply to chart (this is a string and is dependent on the chart type). Currently, the only available style is 'filled' for LineCharts.
Property methods: StyleDisplayToLogical(), StyleGet(), StyleIsValid(), StyleLogicalToDisplay(), StyleLogicalToOdbc(), StyleNormalize(), StyleSet()
property XDimension as %String (MAXLEN = 20, VALUELIST = ",instances,series,history", XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Specifies the source of X-series data:
By default, ("history") values are based on the elements within multi-dimensional Metric property; If set to "instances", then values are based on the set of Metric instances for the Metric property.
If set to "series", then values are based on the first value of each data series associated with the chart.
Property methods: XDimensionDisplayToLogical(), XDimensionGet(), XDimensionIsValid(), XDimensionLogicalToDisplay(), XDimensionLogicalToOdbc(), XDimensionNormalize(), XDimensionSet()
property XGridLines as %Integer (MINVAL = 0, XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE") [ InitialExpression = 10 ];
Number of vertical grid lines
Property methods: XGridLinesDisplayToLogical(), XGridLinesGet(), XGridLinesIsValid(), XGridLinesLogicalToDisplay(), XGridLinesNormalize(), XGridLinesSet(), XGridLinesXSDToLogical()
property XLabels as %String (MAXLEN = 10000, XMLPROJECTION = "NONE");
Internal holder for initial x labels for series.
Property methods: XLabelsDisplayToLogical(), XLabelsGet(), XLabelsIsValid(), XLabelsLogicalToDisplay(), XLabelsLogicalToOdbc(), XLabelsNormalize(), XLabelsSet()
property YGridLines as %Integer (MINVAL = 0, XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE") [ InitialExpression = 8 ];
Number of horizontal grid lines
Property methods: YGridLinesDisplayToLogical(), YGridLinesGet(), YGridLinesIsValid(), YGridLinesLogicalToDisplay(), YGridLinesNormalize(), YGridLinesSet(), YGridLinesXSDToLogical()


method GenerateCode(pCode As %CharacterStream, pLevel As %Integer = 1) as %Status
Called by Dashboard class to generate code to create an instance of this object. The object instance is called tMeter.
method GetPoints() as %String
Returns the number of points used for the metric associated with this meter. This is relevant for multidimensional metrics and is based on the AUTOHISTORY parameter (if defined).
method OnSVGBody()
Draw the body of this SVG meter
classmethod OnSVGHead()
Inherited description: Called before any scripts, styles, defs are written Usually used to pick up include files
method OnSVGInitJS()
Inherited description: Generate JavaScript to initialize client-side meter object
classmethod OnSVGScript()
Inherited description: Draw the script section of this SVG meter
classmethod OnSVGStyle()
Inherited description: Draw the style section of this SVG meter

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