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persistent class %Dictionary.CompiledStorage extends %Library.Persistent, %Dictionary.CompiledStorageQuery

SQL Table Name: %Dictionary.CompiledStorage

Property Inventory

Method Inventory


parameter SQLENABLED = 1;


property CompilerGenerated as %Boolean;
Property methods: CompilerGeneratedDisplayToLogical(), CompilerGeneratedGet(), CompilerGeneratedIsValid(), CompilerGeneratedLogicalToDisplay(), CompilerGeneratedNormalize(), CompilerGeneratedSet()
property CounterLocation as %RawString;
Specifies the base location of counters for properties with type is %Library.Counter. Normally this would be a global reference such as ^User.PersonC. The global reference can also include one or more leading subscripts.
Property methods: CounterLocationGet(), CounterLocationIsValid()
relationship Data as array of %Dictionary.CompiledStorageData [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.CompiledStorageData","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: DataGet(), DataGetObject(), DataGetObjectId(), DataGetSwizzled(), DataIsEmpty(), DataIsValid(), DataNewObject(), DataRClose(), DataRExec(), DataRFetch(), DataRelate(), DataSQLCompute(), DataSet(), DataUnRelate()
property DataLocation as %RawString;
Specifies expression that is the location where data is stored for this class. Normally this would be a global reference such as ^User.PersonD. The global reference can also include one or more leading subscripts.
Property methods: DataLocationGet(), DataLocationIsValid()
property DefaultData as %RawString;
Specifies the name of the DATA definition that the Class Compiler Data Structure Generator uses to place any previously unstored properties. A property is unstored if it is storable, but is not listed in any DATA definition.
Property methods: DefaultDataGet(), DefaultDataIsValid()
property Deprecated as %Boolean;
True if this storage is deprecated.
Property methods: DeprecatedDisplayToLogical(), DeprecatedGet(), DeprecatedIsValid(), DeprecatedLogicalToDisplay(), DeprecatedNormalize()
property Description as %RawString;
Specifies a description of the storage definition. This description is displayed by the online class reference.
Property methods: DescriptionGet(), DescriptionIsValid()
property ExtentLocation as %RawString;
Specifies the base location of globals used by the extent of this class.
Property methods: ExtentLocationGet(), ExtentLocationIsValid()
property ExtentSize as %RawString;
Property methods: ExtentSizeGet(), ExtentSizeIsValid()
property Final as %Boolean;
Specifies that the storage definition cannot be modified by subclasses.
Property methods: FinalDisplayToLogical(), FinalGet(), FinalIsValid(), FinalLogicalToDisplay(), FinalNormalize()
property Id as %Integer;
Property methods: IdDisplayToLogical(), IdGet(), IdIsValid(), IdLogicalToDisplay(), IdNormalize(), IdSet()
property IdExpression as %RawString;
Property methods: IdExpressionGet(), IdExpressionIsValid()
property IdFunction as %RawString;
Specifies the system function used to allocate new id values.
Property methods: IdFunctionGet(), IdFunctionIsValid()
property IdLocation as %RawString;
Specifies location of the ID Counter.
Property methods: IdLocationGet(), IdLocationIsValid()
property IndexLocation as %RawString;
Specifies the global used for indices for this class. If not specified, the index location is ^MyApp.MyClassI, where MyApp.MyClass is the classname.
Property methods: IndexLocationGet(), IndexLocationIsValid()
relationship Indices as array of %Dictionary.CompiledStorageIndex [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.CompiledStorageIndex","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: IndicesGet(), IndicesGetObject(), IndicesGetObjectId(), IndicesGetSwizzled(), IndicesIsEmpty(), IndicesIsValid(), IndicesNewObject(), IndicesRClose(), IndicesRExec(), IndicesRFetch(), IndicesRelate(), IndicesSQLCompute(), IndicesSet(), IndicesUnRelate()
property InheritedId as %Boolean;
Property methods: InheritedIdDisplayToLogical(), InheritedIdGet(), InheritedIdIsValid(), InheritedIdLogicalToDisplay(), InheritedIdNormalize(), InheritedIdSet()
property Internal as %Boolean;
If true then do not display this item in automatic documentation.
Property methods: InternalDisplayToLogical(), InternalGet(), InternalIsValid(), InternalLogicalToDisplay(), InternalNormalize()
property KeywordError as %Boolean;
Property methods: KeywordErrorDisplayToLogical(), KeywordErrorGet(), KeywordErrorIsValid(), KeywordErrorLogicalToDisplay(), KeywordErrorNormalize(), KeywordErrorSet()
property KeywordModified as %Boolean;
Property methods: KeywordModifiedDisplayToLogical(), KeywordModifiedGet(), KeywordModifiedIsValid(), KeywordModifiedLogicalToDisplay(), KeywordModifiedNormalize(), KeywordModifiedSet()
property Name as %RawString [ Required ];
Specifies the name of the Storage definition. This name must be a valid class member name and must not conflict with any other class member names.
Property methods: NameGet(), NameIsValid()
property NotInheritable as %Boolean;
Property methods: NotInheritableDisplayToLogical(), NotInheritableGet(), NotInheritableIsValid(), NotInheritableLogicalToDisplay(), NotInheritableNormalize(), NotInheritableSet()
property Origin as %RawString;
Property methods: OriginGet(), OriginIsValid(), OriginSet()
relationship Properties as array of %Dictionary.CompiledStorageProperty [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.CompiledStorageProperty","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: PropertiesGet(), PropertiesGetObject(), PropertiesGetObjectId(), PropertiesGetSwizzled(), PropertiesIsEmpty(), PropertiesIsValid(), PropertiesNewObject(), PropertiesRClose(), PropertiesRExec(), PropertiesRFetch(), PropertiesRelate(), PropertiesSQLCompute(), PropertiesSet(), PropertiesUnRelate()
property RootClass as %Boolean;
Property methods: RootClassDisplayToLogical(), RootClassGet(), RootClassIsValid(), RootClassLogicalToDisplay(), RootClassNormalize(), RootClassSet()
relationship SQLMaps as array of %Dictionary.CompiledStorageSQLMap [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.CompiledStorageSQLMap","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: SQLMapsGet(), SQLMapsGetObject(), SQLMapsGetObjectId(), SQLMapsGetSwizzled(), SQLMapsIsEmpty(), SQLMapsIsValid(), SQLMapsNewObject(), SQLMapsRClose(), SQLMapsRExec(), SQLMapsRFetch(), SQLMapsRelate(), SQLMapsSQLCompute(), SQLMapsSet(), SQLMapsUnRelate()
property SequenceNumber as %Integer;
Property methods: SequenceNumberDisplayToLogical(), SequenceNumberGet(), SequenceNumberIsValid(), SequenceNumberLogicalToDisplay(), SequenceNumberNormalize()
relationship ShardKeies as array of %Dictionary.CompiledStorageShardKey [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.CompiledStorageShardKey","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: ShardKeiesGet(), ShardKeiesGetObject(), ShardKeiesGetObjectId(), ShardKeiesGetSwizzled(), ShardKeiesIsEmpty(), ShardKeiesIsValid(), ShardKeiesNewObject(), ShardKeiesRClose(), ShardKeiesRExec(), ShardKeiesRFetch(), ShardKeiesRelate(), ShardKeiesSQLCompute(), ShardKeiesSet(), ShardKeiesUnRelate()
property ShardLocalClassName as %RawString;
Specifies the name of the shard-local class
Property methods: ShardLocalClassNameGet(), ShardLocalClassNameIsValid()
property ShardLocalTableName as %RawString;
Specifies the name of the shard-local table
Property methods: ShardLocalTableNameGet(), ShardLocalTableNameIsValid()
property Sharded as %RawString;
Value of the Sharded keyword
Property methods: ShardedGet(), ShardedIsValid()
property SqlChildSub as %RawString;
Property methods: SqlChildSubGet(), SqlChildSubIsValid()
property SqlIdExpression as %RawString;
Property methods: SqlIdExpressionGet(), SqlIdExpressionIsValid()
property SqlRowIdName as %RawString;
Specifies the name of the Row ID column projected to SQL.
Property methods: SqlRowIdNameGet(), SqlRowIdNameIsValid()
property SqlRowIdProperty as %RawString;
Specifies the SQL RowId property. This keyword is only used by classes that have been migrated from earlier InterSystems products.
Property methods: SqlRowIdPropertyGet(), SqlRowIdPropertyIsValid()
property SqlTableNumber as %RawString;
Specifies the internal SQL Table Number. This keyword is only used by classes that have been migrated from earlier InterSystems products.
Property methods: SqlTableNumberGet(), SqlTableNumberIsValid()
property State as %RawString;
For a serial embedded class, this keyword specifies which Data definition is used to define the serialized state of the object. This is also the default DATA definition that unstored properties will be added to by the default structure generator.
Property methods: StateGet(), StateIsValid()
property StreamLocation as %RawString;
Specifies the default global used to store any stream properties within this class. If not specified, the index location is ^MyApp.MyClassS, where MyApp.MyClass is the classname.
Property methods: StreamLocationGet(), StreamLocationIsValid()
property Type as %Dictionary.Classname;
Specifies the Storage Class used to provide persistence for this class.
Property methods: TypeGet(), TypeIsValid()
property VersionLocation as %RawString;
Specifies location of the %Version Counter.
Property methods: VersionLocationGet(), VersionLocationIsValid()
relationship parent as %Dictionary.CompiledClass [ Required , Inverse = Storages , Cardinality = parent ];
Pointer to the containing parent object
Property methods: parentGet(), parentGetObject(), parentGetObjectId(), parentGetSwizzled(), parentIsValid(), parentNewObject(), parentRClose(), parentRExec(), parentRFetch(), parentRelate(), parentSQLCompute(), parentSet(), parentSetObject(), parentSetObjectId(), parentUnRelate(), parentUnSwizzle()


classmethod %Exists(oid As %ObjectIdentity) as %Boolean
Inherited description: Checks to see if the object identified by the OID oid exists in the extent.

Returns %Boolean TRUE if it exists, FALSE if it does not.

classmethod %LockId(id As %String, shared As %Boolean = 0, timeout As %Integer) as %Status
Inherited description: Obtain an exclusive or shared lock on the object identified by id. The type of lock obtained is determined by shared. This method is normally generated by the storage class for persistent classes using %Storage.Persistent or %Storage.SQL.
classmethod %UnlockId(id As %String, shared As %Boolean = 0, immediate As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Inherited description: Release an exclusive or shared lock on the object identified by id. The type of lock released is determined by shared. If this method is not overridden then the default implementation returns an error. This method is normally generated by the storage class for persistent classes using %Storage.Persistent or %Storage.SQL.
method CounterLocationIsDefined() as %Boolean
method CounterLocationReset()
method CounterLocationSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DataLocationIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DataLocationReset()
method DataLocationSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DefaultDataIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DefaultDataReset()
method DefaultDataSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DeprecatedIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DeprecatedReset()
method DeprecatedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DescriptionIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DescriptionReset()
method DescriptionSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ExtentLocationIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ExtentLocationReset()
method ExtentLocationSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ExtentSizeIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ExtentSizeReset()
method ExtentSizeSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method FinalIsDefined() as %Boolean
method FinalReset()
method FinalSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method IdExpressionIsDefined() as %Boolean
method IdExpressionReset()
method IdExpressionSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method IdFunctionIsDefined() as %Boolean
method IdFunctionReset()
method IdFunctionSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method IdLocationIsDefined() as %Boolean
method IdLocationReset()
method IdLocationSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method IndexLocationIsDefined() as %Boolean
method IndexLocationReset()
method IndexLocationSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method InternalIsDefined() as %Boolean
method InternalReset()
method InternalSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method NameIsDefined() as %Boolean
method NameReset()
method NameSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SequenceNumberIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SequenceNumberReset()
method SequenceNumberSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ShardLocalClassNameIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ShardLocalClassNameReset()
method ShardLocalClassNameSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ShardLocalTableNameIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ShardLocalTableNameReset()
method ShardLocalTableNameSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ShardedIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ShardedReset()
method ShardedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlChildSubIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlChildSubReset()
method SqlChildSubSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlIdExpressionIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlIdExpressionReset()
method SqlIdExpressionSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlRowIdNameIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlRowIdNameReset()
method SqlRowIdNameSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlRowIdPropertyIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlRowIdPropertyReset()
method SqlRowIdPropertySet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlTableNumberIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlTableNumberReset()
method SqlTableNumberSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method StateIsDefined() as %Boolean
method StateReset()
method StateSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method StreamLocationIsDefined() as %Boolean
method StreamLocationReset()
method StreamLocationSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method TypeIsDefined() as %Boolean
method TypeReset()
method TypeSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method VersionLocationIsDefined() as %Boolean
method VersionLocationReset()
method VersionLocationSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
classmethod parentOnDelete(id As %String, concurrency As %Integer) as %Status


index (IDKEY on Name) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()


trigger OnDelete (BEFORE event DELETE);
trigger OnInsertUpdate (BEFORE event INSERT/UPDATE);

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