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persistent class %Dictionary.ClassDefinition extends %Library.Persistent, %Dictionary.ClassDefinitionQuery

SQL Table Name: %Dictionary.ClassDefinition

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parameter SQLENABLED = 1;


property Abstract as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Specifies that the class cannot have instances; for datatypes, specifies that the class cannot be used as an attribute type.
Property methods: AbstractDisplayToLogical(), AbstractGet(), AbstractIsValid(), AbstractLogicalToDisplay(), AbstractNormalize()
property ClassDefinitionError as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Set to true if there is a problem serializing the class so the compiler knows not to compile this.
Property methods: ClassDefinitionErrorDisplayToLogical(), ClassDefinitionErrorGet(), ClassDefinitionErrorIsValid(), ClassDefinitionErrorLogicalToDisplay(), ClassDefinitionErrorNormalize()
property ClassType as %RawString;
Specifies how this class is to be used.
Property methods: ClassTypeGet(), ClassTypeIsValid()
property ClassVersion as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 23 , Transient ];
The class dictionary version to define new classes with, defaults to 23. If you set it to 25 or more for a new class it will also use ProcedureBlocks as well unless you have manually changed the ProcedureBlock setting.
Property methods: ClassVersionDisplayToLogical(), ClassVersionGet(), ClassVersionIsValid(), ClassVersionLogicalToDisplay(), ClassVersionNormalize()
property ClientDataType as %RawString [ InitialExpression = "VARCHAR" ];
In the case of a datatype class, specifies the type used when exposed via ActiveX or Java. Datatype classes must specify a client datatype.
Property methods: ClientDataTypeGet()
property ClientName as %RawString;
This gives an alternate name for the class if it projected, for example, to Java.
Property methods: ClientNameGet(), ClientNameIsValid()
property CompileAfter as %RawString;
Indicates that the class compiler should compile this class after the specified classes.
Property methods: CompileAfterGet(), CompileAfterIsValid()
property ConstraintClass as %RawString;
Additional constraint member super classes to inherit.
Property methods: ConstraintClassGet(), ConstraintClassIsValid()
Optional copyright notice associated with this class
Property methods: CopyrightGet(), CopyrightIsValid()
property DdlAllowed as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
In the case of a persistent class, indicates whether or not DDL statements can be used to alter or delete the class definition.
Property methods: DdlAllowedDisplayToLogical(), DdlAllowedGet(), DdlAllowedIsValid(), DdlAllowedLogicalToDisplay(), DdlAllowedNormalize()
property DependsOn as %RawString;
List of classes that this class depends on being runable in order for this class to compile.
Property methods: DependsOnGet(), DependsOnIsValid()
property Deployed as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Indicates whether the class has been deployed, that is, disassociated from the source that was used to build it.
Property methods: DeployedDisplayToLogical(), DeployedGet(), DeployedIsValid(), DeployedLogicalToDisplay(), DeployedNormalize()
property Deprecated as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
True if this class is deprecated.
Property methods: DeprecatedDisplayToLogical(), DeprecatedGet(), DeprecatedIsValid(), DeprecatedLogicalToDisplay(), DeprecatedNormalize()
property Description as %RawString;
Specifies a description of the class.
Property methods: DescriptionGet(), DescriptionIsValid()
property Dynamic as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: DynamicDisplayToLogical(), DynamicGet(), DynamicIsValid(), DynamicLogicalToDisplay(), DynamicNormalize()
property EmbeddedClass as %RawString;
If specified in a member type class is the name of the class which forms the embedded superclass
Property methods: EmbeddedClassGet(), EmbeddedClassIsValid()
property Final as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Specifies that the class cannot have subclasses.
Property methods: FinalDisplayToLogical(), FinalGet(), FinalIsValid(), FinalLogicalToDisplay(), FinalNormalize()
relationship ForeignKeys as array of %Dictionary.ForeignKeyDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.ForeignKeyDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: ForeignKeysGet(), ForeignKeysGetObject(), ForeignKeysGetObjectId(), ForeignKeysGetSwizzled(), ForeignKeysIsEmpty(), ForeignKeysIsValid(), ForeignKeysNewObject(), ForeignKeysRClose(), ForeignKeysRExec(), ForeignKeysRFetch(), ForeignKeysRelate(), ForeignKeysSQLCompute(), ForeignKeysSet(), ForeignKeysUnRelate()
property GeneratedBy as %RawString;
If this class is generated by some other component then this is the name of the item that generated this class
Property methods: GeneratedByGet(), GeneratedByIsValid()
property Hidden as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Specifies that this class is not typically listed when viewing the contents of the class dictionary.
Property methods: HiddenDisplayToLogical(), HiddenGet(), HiddenIsValid(), HiddenLogicalToDisplay(), HiddenNormalize()
property Import as %RawString;
Supplies a list of class packages to import for this class.
Property methods: ImportGet(), ImportIsValid()
property IncludeCode as %RawString;
Specifies an optional list of include files used when compiling this class.
Property methods: IncludeCodeGet(), IncludeCodeIsValid()
property IncludeGenerator as %RawString;
Specifies an optional list of include files used when compiling the method generator methods of this class.
Property methods: IncludeGeneratorGet(), IncludeGeneratorIsValid()
property IndexClass as %RawString;
Additional index member super classes to inherit.
Property methods: IndexClassGet(), IndexClassIsValid()
relationship Indices as array of %Dictionary.IndexDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.IndexDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: IndicesGet(), IndicesGetObject(), IndicesGetObjectId(), IndicesGetSwizzled(), IndicesIsEmpty(), IndicesIsValid(), IndicesNewObject(), IndicesRClose(), IndicesRExec(), IndicesRFetch(), IndicesRelate(), IndicesSQLCompute(), IndicesSet(), IndicesUnRelate()
property Inheritance as %RawString [ InitialExpression = "left" ];
Define the inheritance order when using multiple inheritance, if a member exists in multiple superclasses which one will take precedence.
Property methods: InheritanceGet()
property Language as %RawString [ SqlFieldName = _Language , InitialExpression = "objectscript" ];
The default language used to implement methods for this class.
Property methods: LanguageGet(), LanguageIsValid()
property LegacyInstanceContext as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true then pass %this as first argument of all instance methods
Property methods: LegacyInstanceContextDisplayToLogical(), LegacyInstanceContextGet(), LegacyInstanceContextIsValid(), LegacyInstanceContextLogicalToDisplay(), LegacyInstanceContextNormalize()
property MemberSuper as %RawString;
This is the class to inherit if this class is used as a member class in member inheritance
Property methods: MemberSuperGet(), MemberSuperIsValid()
relationship Methods as array of %Dictionary.MethodDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.MethodDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: MethodsGet(), MethodsGetObject(), MethodsGetObjectId(), MethodsGetSwizzled(), MethodsIsEmpty(), MethodsIsValid(), MethodsNewObject(), MethodsRClose(), MethodsRExec(), MethodsRFetch(), MethodsRelate(), MethodsSQLCompute(), MethodsSet(), MethodsUnRelate()
property ModificationAuxiliary as %RawString;
Property methods: ModificationAuxiliaryGet(), ModificationAuxiliaryIsValid()
property ModificationLevel as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 9 ];
Property methods: ModificationLevelDisplayToLogical(), ModificationLevelGet(), ModificationLevelIsValid(), ModificationLevelLogicalToDisplay(), ModificationLevelNormalize()
property Modified as %RawString [ InitialExpression = 3 ];
If set to 0 then class is always modified, and so it is always saved.
Property methods: ModifiedGet()
property Name as %Dictionary.Classname [ Required ];
The name of the class.
Property methods: NameGet(), NameIsValid()
property NoContext as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, datatype methods have access to the current instance instead of providing their own context.
Property methods: NoContextDisplayToLogical(), NoContextGet(), NoContextIsValid(), NoContextLogicalToDisplay(), NoContextNormalize()
property NoExtent as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If TRUE will prevent this class from instantiating a persistent extent.
Property methods: NoExtentDisplayToLogical(), NoExtentGet(), NoExtentIsValid(), NoExtentLogicalToDisplay(), NoExtentNormalize()
property OdbcType as %RawString [ InitialExpression = "VARCHAR" ];
In the case of a datatype class, specifies the type used when exposed via ODBC or JDBC. Datatype classes must specify an ODBC type.
Property methods: OdbcTypeGet()
property Owner as %RawString;
Specifies the owner of the class and its corresponding table. By default, classes and tables are owned by _SYSTEM.
Property methods: OwnerGet(), OwnerIsValid()
relationship Parameters as array of %Dictionary.ParameterDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.ParameterDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: ParametersGet(), ParametersGetObject(), ParametersGetObjectId(), ParametersGetSwizzled(), ParametersIsEmpty(), ParametersIsValid(), ParametersNewObject(), ParametersRClose(), ParametersRExec(), ParametersRFetch(), ParametersRelate(), ParametersSQLCompute(), ParametersSet(), ParametersUnRelate()
property ProcedureBlock as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Specifies that the class uses procedure block for method code.
Property methods: ProcedureBlockDisplayToLogical(), ProcedureBlockGet(), ProcedureBlockIsValid(), ProcedureBlockLogicalToDisplay(), ProcedureBlockNormalize()
property ProjectionClass as %RawString;
Additional projection member super classes to inherit.
Property methods: ProjectionClassGet(), ProjectionClassIsValid()
relationship Projections as array of %Dictionary.ProjectionDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.ProjectionDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: ProjectionsGet(), ProjectionsGetObject(), ProjectionsGetObjectId(), ProjectionsGetSwizzled(), ProjectionsIsEmpty(), ProjectionsIsValid(), ProjectionsNewObject(), ProjectionsRClose(), ProjectionsRExec(), ProjectionsRFetch(), ProjectionsRelate(), ProjectionsSQLCompute(), ProjectionsSet(), ProjectionsUnRelate()
relationship Properties as array of %Dictionary.PropertyDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.PropertyDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: PropertiesGet(), PropertiesGetObject(), PropertiesGetObjectId(), PropertiesGetSwizzled(), PropertiesIsEmpty(), PropertiesIsValid(), PropertiesNewObject(), PropertiesRClose(), PropertiesRExec(), PropertiesRFetch(), PropertiesRelate(), PropertiesSQLCompute(), PropertiesSet(), PropertiesUnRelate()
property PropertyClass as %RawString;
Additional property member super classes to inherit.
Property methods: PropertyClassGet(), PropertyClassIsValid()
relationship Queries as array of %Dictionary.QueryDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.QueryDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: QueriesGet(), QueriesGetObject(), QueriesGetObjectId(), QueriesGetSwizzled(), QueriesIsEmpty(), QueriesIsValid(), QueriesNewObject(), QueriesRClose(), QueriesRExec(), QueriesRFetch(), QueriesRelate(), QueriesSQLCompute(), QueriesSet(), QueriesUnRelate()
property QueryClass as %RawString;
Additional query member super classes to inherit.
Property methods: QueryClassGet(), QueryClassIsValid()
property ServerOnly as %RawString;
Specifies whether this class is projected to Java clients.
Property methods: ServerOnlyGet()
property Sharded as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
0 if table is not sharded, 1 if it is sharded on the shard manager, 2 if it is sharded on the shard itself.
Property methods: ShardedDisplayToLogical(), ShardedGet(), ShardedIsValid(), ShardedLogicalToDisplay(), ShardedNormalize()
property SoapBindingStyle as %RawString [ InitialExpression = "document" ];
Specifies the SOAP Binding used by this class when it is used to send and receive mnessages via SOAP.
Property methods: SoapBindingStyleGet()
property SoapBodyUse as %RawString [ InitialExpression = "literal" ];
Specifies the encoding used for SOAP messages.
Property methods: SoapBodyUseGet()
property SqlCategory as %RawString [ InitialExpression = "STRING" ];
In the case of a datatype class, specifies a type to use for calculations in SQL. Datatype classes must specify an SQL Category.
Property methods: SqlCategoryGet()
property SqlRoutinePrefix as %RawString;
Property methods: SqlRoutinePrefixGet(), SqlRoutinePrefixIsValid()
property SqlRowIdName as %RawString;
In the case of a persistent class, specifies an altername field name used for the ID column. By default the ID is called ID.
Property methods: SqlRowIdNameGet(), SqlRowIdNameIsValid()
property SqlRowIdPrivate as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
In the case of a persistent class, specifies whether the ID column is projected to ODBC as a hidden field.
Property methods: SqlRowIdPrivateDisplayToLogical(), SqlRowIdPrivateGet(), SqlRowIdPrivateIsValid(), SqlRowIdPrivateLogicalToDisplay(), SqlRowIdPrivateNormalize()
property SqlTableName as %RawString;
In the case of a persistent class, specifies the table name used to identify the class in its SQL projection. By default, the SQL table name is the same as the class name.
Property methods: SqlTableNameGet(), SqlTableNameIsValid()
property StorageStrategy as %RawString;
Specifies the name of the storage strategy used to control persistence for this class.
Property methods: StorageStrategyGet(), StorageStrategyIsValid()
relationship Storages as array of %Dictionary.StorageDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.StorageDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: StoragesGet(), StoragesGetObject(), StoragesGetObjectId(), StoragesGetSwizzled(), StoragesIsEmpty(), StoragesIsValid(), StoragesNewObject(), StoragesRClose(), StoragesRExec(), StoragesRFetch(), StoragesRelate(), StoragesSQLCompute(), StoragesSet(), StoragesUnRelate()
property Super as %RawString;
Specifies one or more superclasses for the class.
Property methods: SuperGet(), SuperIsValid()
property System as %RawString [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Specifies the order to compile classes in when compiling a set, we always proceed in the order 1,2,3,4,0 where 0 is the default if not specified.
Property methods: SystemGet()
property TimeChanged as %RawString;
Gives the time the last change was made to the class.
Property methods: TimeChangedGet(), TimeChangedIsValid()
property TimeCreated as %RawString;
Gives the time the class was first created.
Property methods: TimeCreatedGet(), TimeCreatedIsValid()
property TriggerClass as %RawString;
Additional trigger member super classes to inherit.
Property methods: TriggerClassGet(), TriggerClassIsValid()
relationship Triggers as array of %Dictionary.TriggerDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.TriggerDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: TriggersGet(), TriggersGetObject(), TriggersGetObjectId(), TriggersGetSwizzled(), TriggersIsEmpty(), TriggersIsValid(), TriggersNewObject(), TriggersRClose(), TriggersRExec(), TriggersRFetch(), TriggersRelate(), TriggersSQLCompute(), TriggersSet(), TriggersUnRelate()
relationship UDLTexts as array of %Dictionary.UDLTextDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.UDLTextDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: UDLTextsGet(), UDLTextsGetObject(), UDLTextsGetObjectId(), UDLTextsGetSwizzled(), UDLTextsIsEmpty(), UDLTextsIsValid(), UDLTextsNewObject(), UDLTextsRClose(), UDLTextsRExec(), UDLTextsRFetch(), UDLTextsRelate(), UDLTextsSQLCompute(), UDLTextsSet(), UDLTextsUnRelate()
property ViewQuery as %RawString;
Gives the SQL query used for View definition of this class.
Property methods: ViewQueryGet(), ViewQueryIsValid()
relationship XDatas as array of %Dictionary.XDataDefinition [ InitialExpression = $listbuild("%Dictionary.XDataDefinition","parent",+$this,"children",1,1) , Transient , Inverse = parent , Cardinality = children ];
Property methods: XDatasGet(), XDatasGetObject(), XDatasGetObjectId(), XDatasGetSwizzled(), XDatasIsEmpty(), XDatasIsValid(), XDatasNewObject(), XDatasRClose(), XDatasRExec(), XDatasRFetch(), XDatasRelate(), XDatasSQLCompute(), XDatasSet(), XDatasUnRelate()


classmethod %Exists(oid As %ObjectIdentity) as %Boolean
Inherited description: Checks to see if the object identified by the OID oid exists in the extent.

Returns %Boolean TRUE if it exists, FALSE if it does not.

classmethod %IsClsOpen(cls As %String) as %RegisteredObject
classmethod %LockId(id As %String, shared As %Boolean = 0, timeout As %Integer) as %Status
Inherited description: Obtain an exclusive or shared lock on the object identified by id. The type of lock obtained is determined by shared. This method is normally generated by the storage class for persistent classes using %Storage.Persistent or %Storage.SQL.
classmethod %UnlockId(id As %String, shared As %Boolean = 0, immediate As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Inherited description: Release an exclusive or shared lock on the object identified by id. The type of lock released is determined by shared. If this method is not overridden then the default implementation returns an error. This method is normally generated by the storage class for persistent classes using %Storage.Persistent or %Storage.SQL.
method AbstractIsDefined() as %Boolean
method AbstractReset()
method AbstractSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ClassDefinitionErrorIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ClassDefinitionErrorReset()
method ClassDefinitionErrorSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ClassTypeIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ClassTypeReset()
method ClassTypeSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ClassVersionSet(val As %String) as %Status
method ClientDataTypeIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod ClientDataTypeIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method ClientDataTypeReset()
method ClientDataTypeSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ClientNameIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ClientNameReset()
method ClientNameSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method CompileAfterIsDefined() as %Boolean
method CompileAfterReset()
method CompileAfterSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ConstraintClassIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ConstraintClassReset()
method ConstraintClassSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method CopyrightIsDefined() as %Boolean
method CopyrightReset()
method CopyrightSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DdlAllowedIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DdlAllowedReset()
method DdlAllowedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DependsOnIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DependsOnReset()
method DependsOnSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DeployedIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DeployedReset()
method DeployedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DeprecatedIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DeprecatedReset()
method DeprecatedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DescriptionIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DescriptionReset()
method DescriptionSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method DynamicIsDefined() as %Boolean
method DynamicReset()
method DynamicSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method EmbeddedClassIsDefined() as %Boolean
method EmbeddedClassReset()
method EmbeddedClassSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method FinalIsDefined() as %Boolean
method FinalReset()
method FinalSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method GeneratedByIsDefined() as %Boolean
method GeneratedByReset()
method GeneratedBySet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method HiddenIsDefined() as %Boolean
method HiddenReset()
method HiddenSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ImportIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ImportReset()
method ImportSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method IncludeCodeIsDefined() as %Boolean
method IncludeCodeReset()
method IncludeCodeSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method IncludeGeneratorIsDefined() as %Boolean
method IncludeGeneratorReset()
method IncludeGeneratorSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method IndexClassIsDefined() as %Boolean
method IndexClassReset()
method IndexClassSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method InheritanceIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod InheritanceIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method InheritanceReset()
method InheritanceSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method LanguageIsDefined() as %Boolean
method LanguageReset()
method LanguageSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method LegacyInstanceContextIsDefined() as %Boolean
method LegacyInstanceContextReset()
method LegacyInstanceContextSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method MemberSuperIsDefined() as %Boolean
method MemberSuperReset()
method MemberSuperSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ModificationAuxiliaryIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ModificationAuxiliaryReset()
method ModificationAuxiliarySet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ModificationLevelIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ModificationLevelReset()
method ModificationLevelSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ModifiedIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod ModifiedIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method ModifiedReset()
method ModifiedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method NameIsDefined() as %Boolean
method NameReset()
method NameSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method NoContextIsDefined() as %Boolean
method NoContextReset()
method NoContextSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method NoExtentIsDefined() as %Boolean
method NoExtentReset()
method NoExtentSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
classmethod NormalizeClassname(classname As %String) as %String
method OdbcTypeIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod OdbcTypeIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method OdbcTypeReset()
method OdbcTypeSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method OwnerIsDefined() as %Boolean
method OwnerReset()
method OwnerSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ProcedureBlockIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ProcedureBlockReset()
method ProcedureBlockSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ProjectionClassIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ProjectionClassReset()
method ProjectionClassSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method PropertyClassIsDefined() as %Boolean
method PropertyClassReset()
method PropertyClassSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method QueryClassIsDefined() as %Boolean
method QueryClassReset()
method QueryClassSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ServerOnlyIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod ServerOnlyIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method ServerOnlyReset()
method ServerOnlySet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ShardedIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ShardedReset()
method ShardedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SoapBindingStyleIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod SoapBindingStyleIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method SoapBindingStyleReset()
method SoapBindingStyleSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SoapBodyUseIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod SoapBodyUseIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method SoapBodyUseReset()
method SoapBodyUseSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlCategoryIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod SqlCategoryIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method SqlCategoryReset()
method SqlCategorySet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlRoutinePrefixIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlRoutinePrefixReset()
method SqlRoutinePrefixSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlRowIdNameIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlRowIdNameReset()
method SqlRowIdNameSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlRowIdPrivateIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlRowIdPrivateReset()
method SqlRowIdPrivateSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SqlTableNameIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SqlTableNameReset()
method SqlTableNameSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method StorageStrategyIsDefined() as %Boolean
method StorageStrategyReset()
method StorageStrategySet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SuperIsDefined() as %Boolean
method SuperReset()
method SuperSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method SystemIsDefined() as %Boolean
classmethod SystemIsValid(val As %String) as %Status
method SystemReset()
method SystemSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method TimeChangedIsDefined() as %Boolean
method TimeChangedReset()
method TimeChangedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method TimeCreatedIsDefined() as %Boolean
method TimeCreatedReset()
method TimeCreatedSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method TriggerClassIsDefined() as %Boolean
method TriggerClassReset()
method TriggerClassSet(value As %String = "") as %Status
method ViewQueryIsDefined() as %Boolean
method ViewQueryReset()
method ViewQuerySet(value As %String = "") as %Status


index (IDKEY on Name) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()


trigger OnDelete (AFTER event DELETE);
trigger OnInsertUpdate (BEFORE event INSERT/UPDATE);

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