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abstract class %CSP.UI.Component.SelectBoxUtils

Utility methods for "available-selected" list box components If isPage = 1, the list boxes are drawn on a page, not as part of a component

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parameter avaList = avaList;
parameter selList = selList;


property avaList as %String [ InitialExpression = ..#avaList ];
Property methods: avaListDisplayToLogical(), avaListGet(), avaListIsValid(), avaListLogicalToDisplay(), avaListLogicalToOdbc(), avaListNormalize(), avaListSet()
property selList as %String [ InitialExpression = ..#selList ];
Property methods: selListDisplayToLogical(), selListGet(), selListIsValid(), selListLogicalToDisplay(), selListLogicalToOdbc(), selListNormalize(), selListSet()


classmethod DrawArrows(index As %String = "", isPage As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Draw arrows between Available and Selected list boxes.
classmethod DrawArrowsOld()
Draw arrows between Available and Selected list boxes. Generic method used by other wizards
method DrawAvailableList(index As %String = "", isPage As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Draw the beginning of the Available list box
method DrawSelectList(index As %String = "", isPage As %Boolean = 0, SelectedItems As %String = "") as %Status
Draw the end of the Available list box, the arrows, and the Selected list box
classmethod DrawUpArrowsOld()
Draw up and down arraws next to the Selected list box Generic method used by other wizards
clientmethod clearList(listID, isPage) [ Language = javascript ]
Clear all options from a box (except for the first, instructional one)
clientmethod doSelectBoxMove(flag, isPage) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod doSelectBoxMoveAll(from, to) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod doSelectBoxMoveItem(list, bUp) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod doSelectBoxMoveList(from, to) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getSelList(delim, includeLeadingDelim, isPage) [ Language = javascript ]
Return a delimited string of selected items


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