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class EnsPortal.Dialog.ImportResults extends EnsPortal.Template.standardPage

This pages shows the export output of the System Management Portal.

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parameter PRIVATE = 1;
Inherited description: Controls the access to the page, it can be set to one of the following:

  • PRIVATE=0 - Page can be linked to/bookmarked
  • PRIVATE=1 - Can only be referenced from another CSP page
The user needs initially to enter the site through a PUBLIC page.
parameter RESOURCE = $G(%session.Data("ImportDocuments","Resource"));
Resource from the import popup.


classmethod %OnPreHTTP() as %Boolean
Inherited description: Ensure that the user has the required privileges for the Portal application.
classmethod DrawError(err)
classmethod OnPage() as %Status
Event handler for PAGE event: this is invoked in order to generate the content of a csp page.

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