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deprecated class %iKnow.UI.IndexingResults extends %iKnow.UI.AbstractSourceViewer

This is a sample User Interface built on top of the iKnow APIs, visualizing the results of the iKnow Smart Indexing API. You can either select an existing source from the dropdown list, or use the input button to enter free text directly.

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parameter PAGENAME = iKnow Indexing Results;
Inherited description: Optional. This is the display name used for this page. If not provided, the class name is used.


property hlMode as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = "full" ];
Property methods: hlModeDisplayToLogical(), hlModeGet(), hlModeIsValid(), hlModeLogicalToDisplay(), hlModeLogicalToOdbc(), hlModeNormalize(), hlModeSet()
property showStems as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = "entities" ];
Property methods: showStemsDisplayToLogical(), showStemsGet(), showStemsIsValid(), showStemsLogicalToDisplay(), showStemsLogicalToOdbc(), showStemsNormalize(), showStemsSet()
property sortCriteria as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ InitialExpression = "frequency" ];
Property methods: sortCriteriaDisplayToLogical(), sortCriteriaGet(), sortCriteriaIsValid(), sortCriteriaLogicalToDisplay(), sortCriteriaLogicalToOdbc(), sortCriteriaNormalize(), sortCriteriaSet()


method DrawConcepts(seed As %ZEN.Datatype.string) as %Status
method DrawCrcs(seed As %ZEN.Datatype.string) as %Status
method DrawSentences(seed As %ZEN.Datatype.string) as %Status
method GetInfoPaneText() as %String
Inherited description: Returns the text to be displayed in infoPane. To be overridden by the subclass using it.
method OnChangeLanguageMode() as %Status
Inherited description: This method is called whenever the language mode changes, as part of UpdateSource() or %OnAfterCreatePage()
method OnUpdateDomain(domainId As %Integer) as %Status
This method can be overridden at the subclass level to take any additional server-side actions when the domain is changed.
method OnUpdateSource(sourceId As %Integer) as %Status
Inherited description: Server-side method subclasses can override to take additional actions upon a change in the current source.
clientmethod displayResultsClient() as %Integer [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod onProcessInputClient() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod onUpdateSourceClient(source) [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: Client-side method subclasses can override to take additional actions upon a change in the current source.
clientmethod toggleHLMode(val) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod toggleSortCriteria(val) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod toggleStemCriteria(val) [ Language = javascript ]

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