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deprecated class %iKnow.UI.Architect extends %iKnow.UI.standardPage

iKnow Architect helps users create %iKnow.AbstractDomain by manipulating %iKnow.DomainDefinition. To create a iKnow Domain, users could manually create a %iKnow.DomainDefintion class and encapsulate the all kinds of domain settins into the XData section of %iKnow.DomainDefintion in Studio. By %iKnow.UI.Architect, this GUI interface would create the corresponding %iKnow.DomainDefinition based on the users input

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parameter DOCBOOKID;
If this page has multiple views, this is its initial display mode.
parameter DOMAIN = %iKnow;
Inherited description: Set this to the correct domain.
parameter PAGENAME = Domain Architect;
Displayed name of this page.
parameter RESOURCE = %Development;
Inherited description: All DeepSee pages require %DeepSee_Portal USE.


property %domain as %iKnow.Model.domain;
Property methods: %domainGet(), %domainGetSwizzled(), %domainIsValid(), %domainNewObject(), %domainSet()
property PageURL as %String;
Property methods: PageURLDisplayToLogical(), PageURLGet(), PageURLIsValid(), PageURLLogicalToDisplay(), PageURLLogicalToOdbc(), PageURLNormalize(), PageURLSet()
property currItem as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = -1 ];
Property methods: currItemDisplayToLogical(), currItemGet(), currItemIsValid(), currItemLogicalToDisplay(), currItemLogicalToOdbc(), currItemNormalize(), currItemSet()
property currItemType as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Type of the current selected item.
Property methods: currItemTypeDisplayToLogical(), currItemTypeGet(), currItemTypeIsValid(), currItemTypeLogicalToDisplay(), currItemTypeLogicalToOdbc(), currItemTypeNormalize(), currItemTypeSet()
property domainDefName as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "DOMAIN");
Property methods: domainDefNameDisplayToLogical(), domainDefNameGet(), domainDefNameIsValid(), domainDefNameLogicalToDisplay(), domainDefNameLogicalToOdbc(), domainDefNameNormalize(), domainDefNameSet()
property domainId as %String;
Property methods: domainIdDisplayToLogical(), domainIdGet(), domainIdIsValid(), domainIdLogicalToDisplay(), domainIdLogicalToOdbc(), domainIdNormalize(), domainIdSet()
property domainName as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Property methods: domainNameDisplayToLogical(), domainNameGet(), domainNameIsValid(), domainNameLogicalToDisplay(), domainNameLogicalToOdbc(), domainNameNormalize(), domainNameSet()
property expandAll as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Whether to expand all elements under each type. When user clicks Collapse All then this is set to 0. At end of renderTable it is set to 2.
Property methods: expandAllDisplayToLogical(), expandAllGet(), expandAllIsValid(), expandAllLogicalToDisplay(), expandAllNormalize(), expandAllSet(), expandAllXSDToLogical()
property hlpDropTooltip as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$Text("Create new %1") ];
Property methods: hlpDropTooltipDisplayToLogical(), hlpDropTooltipGet(), hlpDropTooltipIsValid(), hlpDropTooltipLogicalToDisplay(), hlpDropTooltipLogicalToOdbc(), hlpDropTooltipNormalize(), hlpDropTooltipSet()
property hlpMoveDown as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$Text("Move this item down") ];
Property methods: hlpMoveDownDisplayToLogical(), hlpMoveDownGet(), hlpMoveDownIsValid(), hlpMoveDownLogicalToDisplay(), hlpMoveDownLogicalToOdbc(), hlpMoveDownNormalize(), hlpMoveDownSet()
property hlpMoveUp as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$Text("Move this item up") ];
Property methods: hlpMoveUpDisplayToLogical(), hlpMoveUpGet(), hlpMoveUpIsValid(), hlpMoveUpLogicalToDisplay(), hlpMoveUpLogicalToOdbc(), hlpMoveUpNormalize(), hlpMoveUpSet()
property hlpRemove as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$Text("Remove this item") ];
Property methods: hlpRemoveDisplayToLogical(), hlpRemoveGet(), hlpRemoveIsValid(), hlpRemoveLogicalToDisplay(), hlpRemoveLogicalToOdbc(), hlpRemoveNormalize(), hlpRemoveSet()
property hlpShowHide as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$Text("Hide or show the properties box") ];
Property methods: hlpShowHideDisplayToLogical(), hlpShowHideGet(), hlpShowHideIsValid(), hlpShowHideLogicalToDisplay(), hlpShowHideLogicalToOdbc(), hlpShowHideNormalize(), hlpShowHideSet()
property lblAgeLevel as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$TextHTML("Level (type=age)") ];
Property methods: lblAgeLevelDisplayToLogical(), lblAgeLevelGet(), lblAgeLevelIsValid(), lblAgeLevelLogicalToDisplay(), lblAgeLevelLogicalToOdbc(), lblAgeLevelNormalize(), lblAgeLevelSet()
property lblDataLevel as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$TextHTML("Level (type=data)") ];
Property methods: lblDataLevelDisplayToLogical(), lblDataLevelGet(), lblDataLevelIsValid(), lblDataLevelLogicalToDisplay(), lblDataLevelLogicalToOdbc(), lblDataLevelNormalize(), lblDataLevelSet()
property lblExpression as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$TextHTML("(expression)") ];
Property methods: lblExpressionDisplayToLogical(), lblExpressionGet(), lblExpressionIsValid(), lblExpressionLogicalToDisplay(), lblExpressionLogicalToOdbc(), lblExpressionNormalize(), lblExpressionSet()
property lblTimeLevel as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$TextHTML("Level (type=time)") ];
Property methods: lblTimeLevelDisplayToLogical(), lblTimeLevelGet(), lblTimeLevelIsValid(), lblTimeLevelLogicalToDisplay(), lblTimeLevelLogicalToOdbc(), lblTimeLevelNormalize(), lblTimeLevelSet()
property manualInput as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$Text("Manually Input Group Field") ];
Property methods: manualInputDisplayToLogical(), manualInputGet(), manualInputIsValid(), manualInputLogicalToDisplay(), manualInputLogicalToOdbc(), manualInputNormalize(), manualInputSet()
property msgInvalid as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$FormatText($$$Text("Please click [Open] to select a %1 Domain."),$$$PRODUCT5) ];
Property methods: msgInvalidDisplayToLogical(), msgInvalidGet(), msgInvalidIsValid(), msgInvalidLogicalToDisplay(), msgInvalidLogicalToOdbc(), msgInvalidNormalize(), msgInvalidSet()
property msgOpenModel as %ZEN.Datatype.caption [ InitialExpression = $$$Text("Please open a model definition first.") ];
Property methods: msgOpenModelDisplayToLogical(), msgOpenModelGet(), msgOpenModelIsValid(), msgOpenModelLogicalToDisplay(), msgOpenModelLogicalToOdbc(), msgOpenModelNormalize(), msgOpenModelSet()


classmethod %GetModel(pDomainDefName As %String, Output pStatus As %Status) as %iKnow.Model.domain
return the instance of %iKnow.Model.domain if its corresponding domain definition once compiled successfully Otherwise, we try to load the xdata from domain definition directly.
method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status
This class method callback is called just before the server-side page object is created.
method %OnGetPageName() as %String
Get the (localized) name of the page.
method %OnGetProductName() as %String
Get the product name for the page.
method %OnGetTitle() as %String
Get the (localized) title string for the page. This should be implemented in a subclass.
method ClearMetadataMap() as %Status [ ZenMethod ]
method CreateMetadataMapField(pIndex As %Integer, pField As %String, pValueList As %String) as %Status [ ZenMethod ]
method DrawTableHeader(pSeed As %String) as %Status
Draw the contents of the Table Header (the region between the diagram and the table).
classmethod GetDomainId(dName) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
dName should be the child class of %iKnow.DomainDefition
method GetDomainName(DDName As %String) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
method OnGetModelDomain(ByRef pParameters, Output pObject As %RegisteredObject) as %Status [ ZenMethod ]
method OnGetRibbonInfo(Output pDisplay As %Boolean, Output pViewIcons As %List, Output pSortOptions As %List, Output pSearchBox As %Boolean, Output pRibbonTitle As %String, Output pCommands As %List) as %Status
Get information to display in the ribbon bar.
method OnSubmitModelDomain(pCommand As %String, pProvider As %ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonProvider, pSubmitObject As %RegisteredObject, ByRef pResponseObject As %RegisteredObject) as %Status
clientmethod addIKnowElement(type, parent) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod addIKnowElementWrapper(type, disclosure) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod addUDEntry() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod addUndoAction() [ Language = javascript ]
Remember the current state in the undo buffer.
clientmethod adjustGroupFieldValue(groupField, val) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod adjustIKnowListerFields(type) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod adjustSizes() [ Language = javascript ]
Adjust sizes of components on the page.
clientmethod alreadySaved() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod appendModelDomain(domain) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod applyDetails(trigger) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod applyParameters(domain) [ Language = javascript ]
method applySQLtoFields(sql) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
method applyTabletoFields(table) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
clientmethod assignDefaultConfig(domain) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod associateConfigToDomain(domain, configMacro) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod buildDomain(pCommand As %String) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod clearUndoAction() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod cloneObject(obj, clone) [ Language = javascript ]
Create a clone of the given object.
clientmethod commitChanges(pCommand As %String) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod compileDomain(pCommand As %String) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createDictionary() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createDictionaryItem() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createDictionaryTerm() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createMatching() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createModelConfig(configName) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createModelConverter() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createModelData() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createModelList(option) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createModelMetadata() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createModelMetadataField() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createModelParameter() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createModelProcessor() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod createNameForLister(type) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod declareMetadata() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod dropDomain() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod enableItem(row, flag) [ Language = javascript ]
Enable/disable a row in the table.
clientmethod fillUpParameters(domain) [ Language = javascript ]
The reason we need this helper is beacuse all the %iknow.model.configuationas and %iknow.model.parameters are all configure through Domain setting section, the table could only store %iknow.model.configuations object.
clientmethod findDefaultValue(id, value) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod findMetadataIndex() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod findRowForItem(item) [ Language = javascript ]
Find the row number in the table for the given model item. This must be called after the table has been rendered.
clientmethod getCSSForType(type) [ Language = javascript ]
Find the css class for the given row type.
method getColumnNames(sql) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
clientmethod getCustomizableFieldValue(id) as %String [ Language = javascript ]
classmethod getEncodings() as %String
clientmethod getIKnowListerRep(lister) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getIKnowListerType(lister) [ Language = javascript ]
classmethod getIKnowParameterName() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
method getMDDTSTRING() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
method getMDOPEQUAL() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
classmethod getMetadataDataTypes() as %String
clientmethod getMetadataMapColumns() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getMetadataMapFields() [ Language = javascript ]
classmethod getMetadataStorages() as %String
clientmethod getModelDomainObject() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getPageTitle() as %String [ Language = javascript ]
Get the title string to add to the locator row. This should be implemented in a subclass.
clientmethod getSelectedItem() [ Language = javascript ]
Return the current selected item.
clientmethod getStorageName(index) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getUserDictionary() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod gotoPortal(page) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod isClosed(cube, item) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod metadataColParser(cols, sep) as %String [ Language = javascript ]
maintain a stack which holds the left brace or quotes, when meeting comman(sep), if the size of stack > 0, then this comman is invalid.
clientmethod moveItemDown(type, row, index, hier, level, prop) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod moveItemUp(type, row, index, hier, level, prop) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod newDomain() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod onPopupAction(popupName, action, value) [ Language = javascript ]
This client event is fired when the a popup page launched from this page fires an action.
clientmethod onlayoutHandler(load) [ Language = javascript ]
Adjust sizes of components on the page.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod openDomain() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod parseDomainDefName(ddName) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod parseQuery(query) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod refreshMetadataMap() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod removeItem(type, row, index, hier, level, prop) [ Language = javascript ]
Remove a row from the table.
clientmethod renderDictionaryFormat(item) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod renderTable() [ Language = javascript ]
Update the contents of the model table.
method retreiveSchemas() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
method retreiveTables(pSchema As %String) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
clientmethod revertCustomizableField(field) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod rowClick(type, row) [ Language = javascript ]
User click on a row in the table.
clientmethod rowMouseOut(div) [ Language = javascript ]
method for when mouse out
clientmethod rowMouseOver(element, div) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod saveDomain(pCommand As %String) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod selectItem(type, row, force) [ Language = javascript ]
Select a row in the table.
clientmethod selectNewItem(newItem, newType) [ Language = javascript ]
Helper method: select an item, make sure it is visible and give focus to the details panel.
clientmethod setCustomizableFieldValue(id, value) as %String [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod setViewModeHandler(mode As %Library.String, oldmode As %Library.String) [ Language = javascript ]
Do the actual work of updating the view to match the current view mode.
clientmethod toggleCustomizableField(field) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod toggleDisclosure2(domain, key, forceOpen=0) [ Language = javascript ]
User click on disclosure icon in table.
clientmethod toggleExpand(flag) [ Language = javascript ]
user clicked Expand All (flag=1) or Collapsed All (flag=0).
clientmethod toggleOrApply(field) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod toggleSettings() [ Language = javascript ]
Toggle display of settings (property tabs) box.
clientmethod undo() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod updateTable() [ Language = javascript ]
Update the contents of the model table.
clientmethod updateUserDictionary(json) [ Language = javascript ]

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