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deprecated class %ZEN.Report.Display.COSChart.ctreeMapChart extends %ZEN.Report.Display.COSChart.cchart

This is an SVG chart component that displays a tree map.
A tree map displays a series of values as a set of rectangles. The area of each rectangle is proportional to its value. Negative values are ignored.

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property %totalValue as %Double (XMLPROJECTION = "none");
Property methods: %totalValueDisplayToLogical(), %totalValueGet(), %totalValueIsValid(), %totalValueLogicalToDisplay(), %totalValueLogicalToXSD(), %totalValueNormalize(), %totalValueOdbcToLogical(), %totalValueSet(), %totalValueXSDToLogical()
property showPercentage as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
If true, percentage values (rounded to 2 decimal places integer) are displayed as part of the label for each box.
Property methods: showPercentageDisplayToLogical(), showPercentageGet(), showPercentageIsValid(), showPercentageLogicalToDisplay(), showPercentageLogicalToOdbc(), showPercentageLogicalToXSD(), showPercentageNormalize(), showPercentageSet(), showPercentageXSDToLogical()


method getLegendLabels()
Return an array of labels to display within the Legend box.
Override to get appropriate labels for TreeMap Chart.
method hasAxes()
Indicates that this chart has no axes and associated grids
method hasMultiples()
Indicates that this chart supports "show multiples" mode.
method is3D()
Do not show 3-D plot area.
method plotItems(group, dataItems, width, height, x, y, qCount)
Plot map items onto the chart.
method plotOneBox(group, seriesNo, itemNo, x, y, width, height, value)
Render one item in the chart.
method renderSeries(group)
Draw data series for this chart. group is the SVG container for the chart components.

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