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deprecated class %ZEN.Report.pivotTableGenerator extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Generate Pivot Table from information about the table

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property aggs as list of %ZEN.Report.aggregate;
aggregate that does the accumulating (SUM, COUNT, CUSTOM, etc.,)
Property methods: aggsBuildValueArray(), aggsCollectionToDisplay(), aggsCollectionToOdbc(), aggsDisplayToCollection(), aggsGet(), aggsGetObject(), aggsGetObjectId(), aggsGetSwizzled(), aggsIsValid(), aggsOdbcToCollection(), aggsSet(), aggsSetObject(), aggsSetObjectId()
property className as %String;
class name of generated ZEN Report
Property methods: classNameDisplayToLogical(), classNameGet(), classNameIsValid(), classNameLogicalToDisplay(), classNameLogicalToOdbc(), classNameNormalize(), classNameSet()
property classNameForTotals as %String;
class name of generated ZEN Report for totals (use get to add this report to XML)
Property methods: classNameForTotalsDisplayToLogical(), classNameForTotalsGet(), classNameForTotalsIsValid(), classNameForTotalsLogicalToDisplay(), classNameForTotalsLogicalToOdbc(), classNameForTotalsNormalize(), classNameForTotalsSet()
property cols as %String;
column that appears in columns 2-n of pivot table
Property methods: colsDisplayToLogical(), colsGet(), colsIsValid(), colsLogicalToDisplay(), colsLogicalToOdbc(), colsNormalize(), colsSet()
property group as %String [ InitialExpression = "group1" ];
group used in XML of generated ZEN Report
Property methods: groupDisplayToLogical(), groupGet(), groupIsValid(), groupLogicalToDisplay(), groupLogicalToOdbc(), groupNormalize(), groupSet()
property reportName as %String [ InitialExpression = "MyReport" ];
report name of generated ZEN Report
Property methods: reportNameDisplayToLogical(), reportNameGet(), reportNameIsValid(), reportNameLogicalToDisplay(), reportNameLogicalToOdbc(), reportNameNormalize(), reportNameSet()
property rows as %String;
column that appears in column 1 of pivot table
Property methods: rowsDisplayToLogical(), rowsGet(), rowsIsValid(), rowsLogicalToDisplay(), rowsLogicalToOdbc(), rowsNormalize(), rowsSet()
property table as %String;
report name of generated ZEN Report for totals Property reportNameForTotals As %String [ InitialExpression = "MyReport" ]; table of data that will be object of pivot
Property methods: tableDisplayToLogical(), tableGet(), tableIsValid(), tableLogicalToDisplay(), tableLogicalToOdbc(), tableNormalize(), tableSet()
property value as %String;
field that will be accumulated
Property methods: valueDisplayToLogical(), valueGet(), valueIsValid(), valueLogicalToDisplay(), valueLogicalToOdbc(), valueNormalize(), valueSet()


classmethod CreateParameter(className As %String, Name As %String, Default As %String)
classmethod CreateProperty(className As %String, Name As %String, Type As %String, isZENURL As %Boolean)
classmethod CreateXDataSection(className As %String, xdataname As %String, stream As %Stream.TmpCharacter, namespace As %String) as %Status
classmethod cond(col, name)
method genReportDefinition() as %CharacterStream
method genReportDefinitionForTotals() as %CharacterStream
method genReportDisplay() as %CharacterStream
method genZenReport() as %Status
method genZenReportForTotals()
method generateHeaders(ByRef stream As %CharacterStream, row As %Integer, pCol As %Integer)
method generateItems(ByRef stream As %CharacterStream)
method generateTotals(ByRef stream As %CharacterStream)
classmethod q(s As %String) as %String

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