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class %SYS.Task.Init extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Used to initialize system values on new installs and to convert the task manager from previous versions.

Method Inventory


parameter DOMAIN = %Utility;


classmethod CreateCheckLogging() as %Status
classmethod CreateCleanSourceJournal() as %Status
classmethod CreateDiagnosticReport() as %Status
classmethod CreateFeatureTracker() as %Status
classmethod CreateFreeSpaceTask() as %Status
classmethod CreateIntegrityCheck() as %Status
classmethod CreateInventoryScan() as %Status
classmethod CreatePurgeAudit() as %Status
classmethod CreatePurgeBackupLog() as %Status
classmethod CreatePurgeErrorsAndLogs() as %Status
classmethod CreatePurgeJournal() as %Status
classmethod CreatePurgeTaskHistory() as %Status
classmethod CreatePurgeZENReports() as %Status
classmethod CreateSecurityScan() as %Status
classmethod CreateSwitchJournal() as %Status
classmethod InitializeSystemTasks() as %Status
classmethod ScheduleInventoryScan() as %Status
classmethod SetHighValue() as %Status
classmethod ToV20() as %Status
converts tasks from V1.4 to V2.0
classmethod ToV21() as %Status
converts tasks from V2.0 to V2.1
classmethod ToV22() as %Status
ToV22 added the SecurityScan task
classmethod ToV23() as %Status
ToV23 added the SendButtons task
classmethod ToV24() as %Status
ToV24 added the Purge Audit task
classmethod ToV25() as %Status
ToV25 fix filing of PurgeAudit, PurgeJournal
classmethod ToV26() as %Status
ToV26 Add PurgeErrorsAndLogs
classmethod ToV27() as %Status
ToV27 modify default MirrorStatus
classmethod ToV28() as %Status
ToV28 fix PurgeBackupLog
classmethod ToV29() as %Status
ToV29 decode Diagnostic Report email password
classmethod ToV30() as %Status
ToV30 remove redundent tasks

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