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abstract class %DeepSee.UI.standardPage extends %ZEN.Portal.standardPage, %ZEN.Portal.Utils

Base class for all DeepSee UI pages. This is mainly for the purpose of setting common parameters for DeepSee.

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parameter DOCBOOKID;
Docbook ID for this page.
parameter DOMAIN = %DeepSee;
Inherited description: Set this to the correct domain.
parameter FAVORITEICON = portal/ISC_IRIS_icon.ico;
favorite icon.
parameter JSINCLUDES = zenCSLM.js,zenESVG.js,DeepSee.js;
Inherited description: Comma-separated list of additional JS include files for the page.
parameter RESOURCE = %DeepSee_Portal,%DeepSee_PortalEdit;
All Analytics pages require %DeepSee_Portal USE.


property docbookId as %String [ InitialExpression = ..#DOCBOOKID ];
Property methods: docbookIdDisplayToLogical(), docbookIdGet(), docbookIdIsValid(), docbookIdLogicalToDisplay(), docbookIdLogicalToOdbc(), docbookIdNormalize(), docbookIdSet()
property metaData as %String [ InitialExpression = ..%GetMetaData() ];
Property methods: metaDataDisplayToLogical(), metaDataGet(), metaDataIsValid(), metaDataLogicalToDisplay(), metaDataLogicalToOdbc(), metaDataNormalize(), metaDataSet()


Return the array of links to show in the locator bar.
clientmethod getPageMeta() [ Language = javascript ]
Clientside fetch of information the client needs to send REST calls to the server, returned as an array.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod onunloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
Check if user really wants to exit if they have not saved changes
clientmethod reloadPage() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod setModified(flag) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the modified flag for the page.
clientmethod showHelp() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod switchNamespace() as %String [ Language = javascript ]
Show dialog to switch namespace

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