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class %CSP.UI.SQL.BrowseTablePane extends %CSP.Util.TablePane

Customized TablePane for browsing SQL tables. Added textbox to allow user to enter maximum number of rows to load for Open Table

Method Inventory


display filter box when there are no results so that user can adjust their mask for tables.


method DrawBODY(pInstance As %CSP.Util.PageInstance) as %Status
Draw the BODY of the detail pane
method ExecuteResultSet(pRS As %ResultSet, ByRef pID As %String) as %Status
This method performs the actual execution of the ResultSet pID(3) is the searchMask from user clicking the "Go" rather than user clicking a schema which sets $ID(2). If it is from Go then it is possible user removed the mask then default to "*". Otherwise retain the last mask.
classmethod GetOpenTableMaxRows() as %Integer
Returns default OpenTableMaxRows value.
method GetPageType() as %String
This method returns the page type based on PageName
classmethod GetSearchMask() as %String
Generic Method being called from the Routine panes to return search mask.
method OnDrawFilter(pInstance As %CSP.Util.PageInstance) as %Status
This callback draws the search mask within the filter box.
classmethod OpenTableMaxRowsUpdate(OpenTableMaxRows As %Integer)
Called from client to update OpenTableMaxRows

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