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class %CSP.TagLanguage extends %CSP.Rule

Implement csp:text tag using a common method, GetText that may be used to implement other language enabled tags.

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final classmethod FormatMessage(language As %String, domain As %String, id As %String, default As %String, args...) as %String
FormatMessage wrapper for use in CSP page.
classmethod GetText(tag As %CSP.Rule, default As %String = "") as %String
Return the expression that will get localized text based on the textid, domain and language attributes. GetText should be called from within a rule.

The optional Language attribute is an RFC 1766 format language name for looking up this text. %response.Language is used if Language is not specified. The Domain attribute is the optional application domain for looking up this text. %response.Domain is used if Domain is not specified. The required TextId attribute is the id that idenfies the text string. Attributes ARGn, where n is an integer, are substituted for %n in the message text.

method RenderEndTag() as %Status
No end tag written.
method RenderStartTag() as %Status
Call ..GetText to implement the csp:text tag.

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