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class EnsLib.UDDI.UDDIInquirySoapBinding.getoperationalInfo extends

This class is generated by the EnsLib.UDDI.UDDIInquirySoapBinding Web Service Client class. This class should not be edited or modified in any way.

This class was generated by EnsLib.UDDI.UDDIInquirySoapBinding.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
9 4 2


%RequestName authInfo entityKey operationalInfo

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• parameter ELEMENTQUALIFIED = 1;
ELEMENTQUALIFIED controls the format of exported XML. The ELEMENTQUALIFIED specification should be based on the elementFormDefault attribute of the schema that defines the type. To maintain compatibility, ELEMENTQUALIFIED will default to 1 (true) for literal format export and will default to 0 (false) for encoded or encoded12 format export. These were the values always previously assumed for the elementFormDefault attribute. NOTE: Direct use of XMLExport method does not support the ELEMENTQUALIFIED. The export must be done using %XML.Writer or SOAP support.
• parameter NAMESPACE = "urn:uddi-org:api_v3";
NAMESPACE - specifies the XML namespace to be used for the XMLExport of the SOAP body's request and response messages. This parameter directly controls namespace usage by XMLExport.
• parameter SOAPBINDINGSTYLE = "document";
SOAPBINDINGSTYLE - specifies SoapBindingStyle keyword for this web method.
• parameter SOAPBODYUSE = "literal";
SOAPBODYUSE - specifies SoapBodyUse keyword for this web method.
• parameter TYPENAMESPACE = "urn:uddi-org:api_v3";
TYPENAMESPACE specifies the XML namespace for the types used for the method arguments and return types in this web client or web service when importing a SOAP message.
• parameter XMLDEFAULTREFERENCE = "complete";
XMLDEFAULTREFERENCE specifies the default value of the XMLREFERENCE property parameter that specifies how to project references to XML. XMLREFERENCE may be specified for each property to override this default value. Possible values of XMLDEFAULTREFERENCE are SUMMARY, COMPLETE, ID, OID, GUID.
SUMMARY indicates that only the summary properties of the referenced class are used to represent the reference. SUMMARY is the default. Note that by default all properties of the referenced class are in the summary.
COMPLETE indicates that all properties of the referenced class are used to represent the reference.
ID indicates that the id of a persistent or serial class is used to represent the reference.
OID indicates that the oid of a persistent or serial class is used to represent the reference. The form of the oid will be classname,id.
GUID indicates the GUID of a persistent class is used to represent the reference.
• parameter XMLIMPORTNAMESPACE = "urn:uddi-org:api_v3";
XMLIMPORTNAMESPACE specifies the XML namespace for the method definition in the WSDL for the web service when importing a SOAP message.
• parameter XMLRESULTNAME;
Name of result property


• property authInfo as EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.authInfo(REFELEMENTQUALIFIED=1,REFNAMESPACE="urn:uddi-org:api_v3",XMLIO="OUT",XMLREF=1);
• property entityKey as list of EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.uddiKey(XMLIO="OUT",XMLNAME="entityKey",XMLPROJECTION="element");
• property operationalInfo as list of EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.operationalInfo(REFELEMENTQUALIFIED=1,REFNAMESPACE="urn:uddi-org:api_v3",XMLIO="IN",XMLNAME="operationalInfo",XMLPROJECTION="element",XMLREF=1);
• property truncated as EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.truncated(XMLIO="IN",XMLPROJECTION="attribute");


• method Invoke(%Client, %Action, authInfo As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.authInfo(REFELEMENTQUALIFIED=1, REFNAMESPACE="urn:uddi-org:api_v3", XMLREF=1), entityKey As %ListOfDataTypes(ELEMENTTYPE="EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.uddiKey", XMLPROJECTION="element", XMLNAME="entityKey"), Output operationalInfo As %ListOfObjects(ELEMENTTYPE="EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.operationalInfo", XMLPROJECTION="element", REFELEMENTQUALIFIED=1, REFNAMESPACE="urn:uddi-org:api_v3", XMLNAME="operationalInfo", XMLREF=1), Output truncated As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.truncated(XMLPROJECTION="attribute"))
• method Reset()
An error occurred with the web application.

It has been logged to system error log (System Operation>System Logs>Application Error Log).