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class EnsLib.UDDI.GetBusinessDetail extends EnsLib.UDDI.Base

This class is used to retrieve a list of business details. To use the class, instantiate and add one or more business keys with the AddBusinessKey() method and then call Send() to retrieve as output a list of business detail objects

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property BusinessKeys as list of EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessKey;
Contains a list of BusinessKeys
Property methods: BusinessKeysBuildValueArray(), BusinessKeysCollectionToDisplay(), BusinessKeysCollectionToOdbc(), BusinessKeysDisplayToCollection(), BusinessKeysDisplayToLogical(), BusinessKeysGet(), BusinessKeysGetObject(), BusinessKeysGetObjectId(), BusinessKeysGetSwizzled(), BusinessKeysIsValid(), BusinessKeysLogicalToDisplay(), BusinessKeysLogicalToOdbc(), BusinessKeysNormalize(), BusinessKeysOdbcToCollection(), BusinessKeysSet(), BusinessKeysSetObject(), BusinessKeysSetObjectId()


method %OnNew(pBusinessInfos As %ListOfObjects(ELEMENTTYPE="EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessInfo")) as %Status
A list of BusinessInfo objects can be retrieved via the EnsLib.UDDI.FindBusiness() class. This list may be passed to this objects %New() method to intialize the list of BusinessKeys prior to an Inquiry.
method AddBusinessKey(pKey As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessKey) as %Status
classmethod DisplayBusinessEntities(pList As %ListOfObjects(ELEMENTTYPE="EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessEntity"))
Method to display a list of business entities
classmethod DisplayBusinessEntity(pEntity As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessEntity)
Method to display a business entity
method Send(pConnection As EnsLib.UDDI.Connection, Output pBusinessEntities As %ListOfObjects(ELEMENTTYPE="EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessEntity"), Output pTruncated As %Boolean) as %Status
Transmits the GetBusinessDetail request to the UDDI Server. Returns as output a list of business objects matching the request criteria. Many UDDI serve rs restrict the number of matching TModels that they return for a find request. If your find request exceeds the number set by a UDDI server, the result is truncated. The pTruncated output parameter will be set to TRUE (1)
classmethod Test(pConnection As EnsLib.UDDI.Connection, pBusinessKey As EnsLib.UDDI.uddi.businessKey) as %Status
Test the class functionality by performing an inquiry for a specific business key and display the results

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