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class Ens.Util.Production extends


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• parameter DEFAULTSCEXCLUDE = 0;
Default whether to exclude source control for Production configuration in the management portal


• classmethod IsExcludedFromPortalSourceControl() as %Boolean
This method returns true if productions in the namespace are excluded from Source Control in the Production configuration portal page.
It will throw system errors such as Protect.
• classmethod IsRuntimeDifferentFromClass(pClassName, Output pSC As %Status) as %Integer
This method compares the class XData definition with that that would be be generated from the current runtime data for the production. It returns 1 if different.
It returns 0 if not different.
It returns 10 if an error is being returned.
• classmethod SetExcludeFromPortalSourceControl(exclude As %Boolean = "")
This method sets the flag to control if productions in the current namespace are excluded from Portal Source control.
Protected by Use Privilege on resource %Admin_Manage. Throws $$$InsufficientPrivilegeForOperation if privilege not held.
Throws $$$InvalidArgument if exclude is not 1 or 0.
It will throw system errors such as Protect.