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abstract class Ens.Util.IOLogger extends Ens.Settings

Helper base class for BusinessService and BusinessOperation for raw IO logging


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 2 3


ArchiveIO IOLogEntry

AssignOneSetting CloseIOLogEntry EnumerateSettingsClose EnumerateSettingsExecute
EnumerateSettingsFetch GetSettings NewIOLogEntry SaveIOLogEntry

Ens.BusinessOperation Ens.BusinessService


• parameter SETTINGS = "ArchiveIO:Dev";
List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


• property ArchiveIO as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If set, the Adapter will log in the InterSystems IRIS I/O archive each input and output communication it has with its external system.
• property IOLogEntry as Ens.Util.IOLog;
This is the current entry in the IO Log, if any.


• method CloseIOLogEntry(pSC As %Status, pAnnotation As %String, pObj As %RegisteredObject)
• method NewIOLogEntry(pIsIncoming As %Boolean, pSC As %Status, pAnnotation As %String, pSourceMethod As %String, pSessionId As %Integer, pObj As %RegisteredObject) as %Boolean
• method SaveIOLogEntry(pSC As %Status, pAnnotation As %String, pObj As %RegisteredObject)

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