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persistent class Ens.Util.IOLog extends %Persistent, Ens.Util.BitmapPurge

A header class that records raw Adapter Inputs and Outputs


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 16 7 4


AdapterClass Annotation ConfigName CorrespondingRequestId
HostClass InObject InObjectClass IsInbound
Job OutObject OutObjectClass SessionId
SourceMethod Status TimeReceived TimeResponded

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Purge PurgeBitmaps

Ens.Util.IOLogFile Ens.Util.IOLogObj Ens.Util.IOLogStream


• parameter DOMAIN = "Ensemble";


• property AdapterClass as %String(MAXLEN=128,TRUNCATE=1);
• property Annotation as %String(MAXLEN=1200,TRUNCATE=1);
• property ConfigName as %String(MAXLEN=128,TRUNCATE=1);
• property CorrespondingRequestId as %Integer;
The %Id() of the corresponding request
• property HostClass as %String(MAXLEN=128,TRUNCATE=1);
• property InObject as %RegisteredObject;
• property InObjectClass as %String(MAXLEN=128,TRUNCATE=1);
• property IsInbound as %Boolean;
• property Job as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property OutObject as %RegisteredObject;
• property OutObjectClass as %String(MAXLEN=128,TRUNCATE=1);
• property SessionId as %Integer;
• property SourceMethod as %String(MAXLEN=40,TRUNCATE=1);
• property Status as %Status [ InitialExpression = $$$OK ];
this property contains the error status if any
• property TimeReceived as Ens.DataType.UTC;
• property TimeResponded as Ens.DataType.UTC;


• method %ShowContents(pZenOutput As %Boolean = 0)
Output contents of IOLog object in HTML
• method %ShowContentsHead(pZenOutput As %Boolean = 0)
Output HTML header information for IOLog object
• classmethod GetRequestIOLogs(pRequestHeader As Ens.MessageHeader, Output pIOLogArray As Ens.Util.IOLog) as %Status
• classmethod GetSessionIOLogs(pSessionId As %RawString, Output pIOLogArray As Ens.Util.IOLog) as %Status
• abstract method IsEmpty() as %Boolean
• classmethod Purge(Output pDeletedCount As %Integer, pDaysToKeep As %Integer = 7, pDummy As %Boolean, pBitmapChunkLimit As %Integer = 500) as %Status


•index (ConfigName on ConfigName) [Type = bitmap];
•index (Extent on ) [Extent,Type = bitmap];
•index (SessionId on SessionId);
•index (TimeReceived on TimeReceived);

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