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class Ens.Util.Documatic extends %CSP.Util.Pane

This class contains methods used by the Documatic class reference viewer to display details about Interoperability components.


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• parameter DOMAIN = "Ensemble";
Use our own domain for localization


• classmethod RenderAdapterInfo(pClass As %String) as %Status
• classmethod RenderBusinessOperationInfo(pClass As %String) as %Status
Show summary information about the given operation class.
• classmethod RenderBusinessProcessInfo(pClass As %String) as %Status
Show summary information about the given process class.
• classmethod RenderBusinessServiceInfo(pClass As %String) as %Status
Show summary information about the given service class.
• classmethod RenderProductionInfo(pClass As %String) as %Status
Show summary information about the given production class.
• classmethod RenderRequestInfo(pClass As %String) as %Status
Show summary information for the request/responses for a host.

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