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Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 17 5 1 1 1


Actions Attributes Contacts Description Domain
Endpoint Files Internal LastModified Name
Protocol Public ResponseStyle Schema Stage
Topics Version

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• parameter ROWLEVELSECURITY = 1;
ROWLEVELSECURITY = 1 | <property> means that row level security is active and the list of users/roles for a given instance/row is contained in a generated property. If the value of this parameter is a valid property name then that property will be used as the reader list and only generated if not already defined.


• relationship Actions as Action [ Inverse = Service,Cardinality = children ];
Actions / Web Methods
• relationship Attributes as Attribute [ Inverse = Service,Cardinality = children ];
Any attribute values not already accounted for in the properties of Ens.Registry.Service
• relationship Contacts as Contact [ Inverse = Service,Cardinality = children ];
A collection of references to individuals and organizations related to this object
• property Description as %String(MAXLEN="");
Human-readable description of the service
• property Domain as %String(MAXLEN=64) [ Required ];
Further identification used to describe the group a service belongs to
• property Endpoint as %String(MAXLEN="");
Endpoint that the end-user will call. For pass-through services this is the URL on the ESB and not the endpoint of the service provider
• relationship Files as FileStore [ Inverse = Service,Cardinality = children ];
Files relating to the service (eg. SLA)
• property Internal as Ens.ServiceRegistry.Public.Internal;
• property LastModified as Ens.DataType.UTC;
• property Name as %String(MAXLEN=128) [ Required ];
• property Protocol as %String(MAXLEN=128);
Protocol type of service (eg. SOAP, REST, HTTP, etc.)
• property Public as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
should this service be visible to the API search?
• property ResponseStyle as %String(VALUELIST=",Sync,Callback,RemoteDeposit,None") [ InitialExpression = "Sync" ];
What type of response should the user expect from this service?
• property Schema as Ens.ServiceRegistry.Schema;
References to definitions of the request and response type structures
• property Stage as %String(VALUELIST=",Concept,Development,Test,Staging,Live,Deprecated,Defunct") [ InitialExpression = "Concept",Required ];
Lifecycle stage of this item
• property Topics as list of %String(MAXLEN=1024);
Used for searches
• property Version as %String(MAXLEN=64) [ Required ];
Version label for this service


• classmethod %SecurityPolicy(Internal) as %String [ SQLProc = ]
• method InternalSet(pIntObject As Ens.ServiceRegistry.Public.Internal) as %Status
This is a Set accessor method for the Internal property.


•index (ID on Name,Domain,Version) [IdKey];


•foreignkey Internal (Internal) references Ens.ServiceRegistry.Public.Internal () OnDelete: cascade; OnUpdate: noaction


•trigger OnDelete (BEFORE event DELETE)

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