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persistent class Ens.ScheduleHandler extends


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
2 17


This is a Business Process class.

%Library.Persistent %Library.Persistent

%ConfigName %ConfigQueueName %CurrentResponseHeader %IsCompleted
%IsTerminated %IsTimerInterrupted %LastActionTime %LastHandledTime
%LastReportedError %MasterPendingResponses %MasterPendingResponsesOld %MessagesReceived
%MessagesReceivedOld %MessagesSent %MessagesSentOld %PrimaryRequestHeader
%PrimaryResponseHeader %QuitTask %RepliedStatus %SessionId
%StatusCode %SuperSession %TimeCompleted %TimeCreated
%WarnedLatest %isShadow %request %response
%responseClassName %responseId Adapter AlertGroups
AlertOnError AlertRetryGracePeriod BusinessPartner FailureTimeout
InactivityTimeout QueueCountAlert QueueWaitAlert ReplyCodeActions
Retry RetryInterval SuspendMessage ThrottleDelay

%AddToSaveSet %AddToSyncSet %BMEBuilt %BuildIndicesAsync
%BuildIndicesAsyncResponse %CheckConstraints %CheckConstraintsForExtent %ClassIsLatestVersion
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%DispatchSetProperty %Exists %ExistsId %Extends
%GUID %GUIDSet %GetLock %GetParameter
%GetSwizzleObject %Id %InsertBatch %IsA
%IsModified %IsNull %KillExtent %KillExtentData
%LoadFromMemory %LockExtent %LockId %New
%NormalizeObject %ObjectIsNull %ObjectModified %Oid
%OnBeforeAddToSync %OnClose %OnDetermineClass %OnNew
%Open %OpenId %OriginalNamespace %PackageName
%PhysicalAddress %PurgeIndices %Reload %RemoveFromSaveSet
%ResolveConcurrencyConflict %RollBack %Save %SaveDirect
%SaveIndices %SerializeObject %SetModified %SortBegin
%SortEnd %SuperSessionSet %SyncObjectIn %SyncTransport
%UnlockExtent %UnlockId %ValidateIndices %ValidateObject
AdapterName AdjustedCurrentTime AssignOneSetting ClearAllPendingResponses
DeferResponse EnumerateSettingsClose EnumerateSettingsExecute EnumerateSettingsFetch
GenerateSuperSession GetDeferredResponseToken GetProductionSettingValue GetProductionSettings
GetPropertyConnections GetSettings GetShadowInstance IsResponsePending
Next OnComplete OnError OnFailureTimeout
OnGenerateSuperSession OnGetConnections OnGetReplyAction OnInit
OnKeepalive OnMonitor OnProductionStart OnProductionStop
OnRequest OnResponse OnTearDown OnTimeout
ParseScheduleSpec PurgeAlarmSets QueueName RemovePendingResponse
Reply ReplyError SendAlert SendDeferredResponse
SendRequestAsync SendRequestSync SetTimer Test
UpdateProduction adjust compare dstCompensatedCurrentTime
dstCompensatedScheduleTime isValid makeValid


• parameter DOMAIN = "Ensemble";
If this parameter is TRUE, then arrays %MessagesSent and %MessagesReceived will not be populated.


• classmethod AdjustedCurrentTime(adjustment) as %String
• classmethod Next(pScheduleDateTime As %String, pDirection As %String, pCurrentDateTime As %String = "") as %String
• method OnRequest(pRequest As %Library.Persistent, Output pResponse As %Library.Persistent) as %Status
Handle a 'Request'
• method OnResponse(request As %Library.Persistent, ByRef response As Ens.Response, callrequest As %Library.Persistent, callresponse As %Library.Persistent, pCompletionKey As %String) as %Status
Handle a 'Response'
• classmethod ParseScheduleSpec(pScheduleSpec As %String, Output pCurrentState As %String, Output pNextEventDateTime As %String, Output pNextEventAction As %String, pCurrentDateTime As %String = "") as %Status
• classmethod PurgeAlarmSets(Output pDeletedCount As %Integer, pDaysToKeep As %Integer = 7) as %Status
This method is used to clean up the $$$EnsRuntimeAppData("SchedulerHandler","AlarmSet") data Called by Ens.MonitorService::Purge
• classmethod Test(pSchedule, pCurrentTime)
• method UpdateProduction(pCalledFromAResponse As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
• classmethod adjust(dt, adjust) as %String
• classmethod compare(dt1, dt2) as %Integer
• classmethod dstCompensatedCurrentTime() as %String
For the purpose of current time (actual time as opposed to formal time) this method collapses the first duplicated hour or half hour, when moving local time back (DST off), to a single point in time. For example, the first occurrence of 2009-11-01T01:00:00 to 2009-11-01T02:00:00 (i.e. when DST is on, for there is another occurrence of 2009-11-01T01:00:00 to 2009-11-01T02:00:00 with DST off after the clock change).
• classmethod dstCompensatedScheduleTime(datetime) as %String
For the purpose of schedule time (formal time as opposed to actual time) this method collapses the non-existing hour, when turning DST on, to a single point in time For example, 2009-03-08T02:00:00 to 2009-03-08T03:00:00
• classmethod isValid(dt) as %Boolean
• classmethod makeValid(dt)