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abstract class Ens.Rule.Generator


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correlateByName correlateByObj generateActions generateOneAction
generateOneRuleSet generateRuleDefinition line


• classmethod correlateByName(pClassname As %String, Output pRuleDefinition As Ens.Rule.Model.ruleDefinition, pConcurrency As %Integer = -1) as %Status
• classmethod correlateByObj(pObjClass As %Dictionary.ClassDefinition, Output pRuleDefinition As Ens.Rule.Model.ruleDefinition) as %Status
• classmethod generateActions(pClassname As %String, variables As %String, pActions As %Collection.ListOfObj, pReason As %String, pAssistClass As %String, %code As %Stream.MethodGenerator, pLevel As %Integer) as %Status
• classmethod generateOneAction(pClassname As %String, variables As %String, pAction As Ens.Rule.Model.action, pReason As %String, pAssistClass As %String, %code As %Stream.MethodGenerator, pLevel As %Integer) as %Status
• classmethod generateOneRuleSet(pClassname As %String, variables As %String, pRuleSet As Ens.Rule.Model.ruleSet, pRuleSetIndex As %String, pAssistClass As %String, %code As %Stream.MethodGenerator) as %Status
• classmethod generateRuleDefinition(%compiledclass As %Dictionary.CompiledClass, %code As %Stream.MethodGenerator = "") as %Status
• classmethod line(pCode, pLevel=1)

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