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class Ens.MonitorService extends Ens.BusinessService

Monitor Service
Checks all hosts for inactivity


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 6 4


This is a Business Service class.

The associated Adapter class is Ens.InboundAdapter.

%AlertStartTime %ConfigName %ConfigQueueName
%LastActionTime %LastHandledTime %LastReportedError
%OutsideCreated %PreserveSession %ProcessInputCalled
%QuitTask %RequestHeader %SessionId
%SuperSession %SuperSessionCreatedBeforeSession %WaitForNextCallInterval
%WarnedLatest %isShadow ActorQueueStatement
Adapter AlertGracePeriod AlertGroups
AlertOnError ArchiveIO BusinessPartner
Config GenerateSuperSessionID IOLogEntry
InactivityTimeout LastUpdate QueueCounts
QueueDelays ThrottleDelay queueWaitResetPercentage

%AddToSaveSet %ClassIsLatestVersion %ClassName %ConstructClone
%DispatchClassMethod %DispatchGetModified %DispatchGetProperty %DispatchMethod
%DispatchSetModified %DispatchSetMultidimProperty %DispatchSetProperty %Extends
%GetParameter %IsA %IsModified %New
%NormalizeObject %ObjectModified %OnClose %OnNew
%OriginalNamespace %PackageName %RemoveFromSaveSet %SerializeObject
%SetModified %SuperSessionSet %ValidateObject AdapterName
AssignOneSetting CheckEnsRuntime CloseIOLogEntry EnumerateSettingsClose
EnumerateSettingsExecute EnumerateSettingsFetch ForceSessionId GenerateSuperSession
GetDeferredResponseToken GetProductionSettingValue GetProductionSettings GetPropertyConnections
GetSettings GetShadowInstance NewIOLogEntry OnError
OnGenerateSuperSession OnGetConnections OnInit OnKeepalive
OnMonitor OnProcessInput OnProductionStart OnProductionStop
OnTearDown PopulateSuperSession Purge QueueName
SaveIOLogEntry SendAlert SendDeferredResponse SendRequestAsync


• parameter ADAPTER = "Ens.InboundAdapter";
Use an adapter to make sure we get invoked.


• property ActorQueueStatement as %SQL.Statement;
• property Config  [ MultiDimensional ];
• property LastUpdate as %String;
• property QueueCounts  [ MultiDimensional ];
• property QueueDelays  [ MultiDimensional ];
• property queueWaitResetPercentage as %Numeric [ InitialExpression = ##class(Ens.MonitorService).getQWTPct(),Transient ];


• method CheckEnsRuntime()
Check local array is in sync with ^Ens.Runtime
• method OnInit() as %Status
This user callback method is called via initConfig() from %OnNew() or in the case of SOAP Services from OnPreSOAP()
• method OnProcessInput(pInput As %RegisteredObject, Output pOutput As %RegisteredObject) as %Status
Override this method to process incoming data. Do not call SendRequestSync/Async() from outside this method (e.g. in a SOAP Service or a CSP page).
• classmethod Purge(Output pDeletedCount As %Integer, pDaysToKeep As %Integer = 7, pDummy As %Boolean) as %Status