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persistent class Ens.Deployment.Token extends %Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

Before a deployment of changes to a production can be made the process must be able to open for Exclusive use this object where the id is "DeployToken". This is to limit one deployment per namespace.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 19 1


EndTime ForcedClearUser InProgress InvocationId
IsARollback Job OpenedTime SourceInstance
SourceMachine SourceNamespace SourceProduction StartTime
SystemStart TargetInstance TargetMachine TargetNamespace
TargetProduction Token Username

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DEFAULTCONCURRENCY is the default value for the concurrency formal argument defined for %Open, %OpenId, %Delete and %DeleteId methods. It is not the default value of the %Concurrency property of persistent classes. If the value of the actual concurrency argument passed to any of the above methods is -1 then the formal argument value will be set to the value of the DEFAULTCONCURRENCY parameter value defined for the class.


• property EndTime as Ens.DataType.UTC;
• property ForcedClearUser as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property InProgress as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
• property InvocationId as %String;
• property IsARollback as %String [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
• property Job as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property OpenedTime as Ens.DataType.UTC;
• property SourceInstance as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property SourceMachine as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property SourceNamespace as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property SourceProduction as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property StartTime as Ens.DataType.UTC;
• property SystemStart as %Integer;
• property TargetInstance as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property TargetMachine as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property TargetNamespace as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property TargetProduction as %String(MAXLEN=128);
• property Token as %String(VALUELIST=",DeployToken") [ InitialExpression = "DeployToken" ];
This is used to ensure that only one token object can exist.
• property Username as %String(MAXLEN=128);


•index (TargetID on Token) [IdKey];

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