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class Ens.DeepSee.ActivityVolumeAndDurationKPI extends %DeepSee.KPI

For dashboard Ens.DeepSee.ActivityVolumeAndDuration.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
2 3


%filterValues %fromCache %id %message
%rangeLower %rangeUpper %seriesCount %seriesNames
%source %thresholdLower %thresholdUpper

%AddToSaveSet %CheckResource %ClassIsLatestVersion %ClassName
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%OnDeleteModel %OnDeleteSource %OnExecute %OnGetActionList
%OnGetFilterList %OnGetFilterMembers %OnGetKPICaption %OnGetKPIPropertyInfo
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%OnGetSQL %OnInvokeAction %OnLoadKPI %OnLoadKPIFromCache
%OnLoadModel %OnNewSource %OnOpenSource %OnSaveKPIToCache
%OnSaveSource %OnStoreModel %OnSubmit %OpenModel
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• parameter DOMAIN = "Ensemble";
Localization domain. DataModel classes that wish to support localization must provide a value for this within subclasses.
• parameter RESOURCE = "%Ens_Dashboard";
The resource needed to use this KPI:
If defined and the current user holds the USE privilege on this resource, then the user may view (run queries against) this item.


• classmethod %OnDashboardAction(pAction As %String, pContext As %ZEN.proxyObject) as %Status
This callback is invoked from a dashboard when an action defined by this dashboard is invoked.
• method %OnLoadKPI() as %Status
Notify subclass that KPI is has just be executed. This is a good place to override properties, such as range and threshold.

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