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abstract class Ens.Dashboard

Deprecated - read the "Using Dashboards" document to learn the currently recommended way to define dashboards


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CreateDashboard GetInstanceMenu GetRefreshRate OnCreateDashboard


• classmethod CreateDashboard(Output pDashboard As CSPX.Dashboard.Renderer) as %Status
Creates a Dashboard object populated with Meter objects.
• classmethod GetInstanceMenu(Output pMetricName As %String, Output pMetricClass As %String, Output pCaption As %String) as %Boolean
If this dashboard defines an Instance menu, return true and the name of the metric as well as the caption for the instance menu. Otherwise return false.
• classmethod GetRefreshRate() as %Integer
Return the refresh rate, in milliseconds, for this dashboard
• classmethod OnCreateDashboard(pDashboard As CSPX.Dashboard.Renderer) as %Status
User-callback method. You can use this to programmatically create additional Meters within a dashboard.