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abstract class Ens.Alerting.Utils

Utility class that primarily serves as a wrapper for retrieving configuration data from the current production and supplying defaults otherwise.


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ConfirmRuleExists FindRecentManagedAlert GetDefaultActionWindow
GetDefaultNotificationOperation GetDefaultNotificationRecipients GetItemAlertGroups
GetItemBusinessPartner GetNotificationManager




• classmethod ConfirmRuleExists(pRuleName As %String = "") as %Status
Utility method to ensure that a rule actually exists.
• classmethod FindRecentManagedAlert(pAlertRequest As Ens.AlertRequest = "", pSeconds As %Integer = 300, pLogUpdate As %Boolean = 0) as %Integer
Function to determine whether a Managed Alert with the same AlertText and SourceConfigName as the supplied pAlertRequest has been created within the previous pSeconds seconds. If such a Managed Alert does exist, the ID of the Managed Alert is returned. If pLogUpdate is true, then this function will assume that a new ManagedAlert will NOT be created and will log an update to the existing ManagedAlert to indicate that the alert has reoccurred. Note that the IsRecentManagedAlert() function in Ens.Alerting.Rule.FunctionSet is a thin wrapper around this method, so care should be taken to maintain compatibility.
• classmethod GetDefaultActionWindow() as %Integer
Get the default number of minutes in which we expect users to take action.
• classmethod GetDefaultNotificationOperation() as %String
Get the config name of the default Notification Operation in the current production.
• classmethod GetDefaultNotificationRecipients() as %String
Get a comma-separated list of default recipients for notifications in the current production.
• classmethod GetItemAlertGroups(pConfigName As %String = "") as %String
Get the AlertGroups setting for a given config item in the current production.
• classmethod GetItemBusinessPartner(pConfigName As %String = "") as %String
Get the Business partner name for a given config item in the current production.
• classmethod GetNotificationManager() as %String
Get the config name of the Notification Manager component in the current production.

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