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persistent class %Studio.ProjectItem extends %Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

Represents an item within a Studio Project.


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3 1


Name Project Type

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• property Name as %String(MAXLEN=512,XMLNAME="name",XMLPROJECTION="attribute") [ Required ];
The name of the project item. For example if the class is called 'csp.loop' then this is 'csp.loop'. If the routine is 'TEST.INT' this is 'TEST.INT'.
• relationship Project as Project [ Inverse = Items,Cardinality = parent ];
• property Type as %String(XMLNAME="type",XMLPROJECTION="attribute") [ Required ];
Type of item in this project. Can be one of MAC, CSP, CLS, GBL, PKG, DIR or a user defined type. Note that MAC covers all routines types, such as INT, INC, BAS, MVB, MVI and MAC routines, the type of routine is put in the Name, such as 'TEST.INT'.


•index (NameIdx on Name,Type) [IdKey];

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