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abstract class %Studio.SASchemaClass extends %Studio.SASchema

This class is the base class for Studio Assist schema generators that are based on XML-enabled class definitions.

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parameter ROOTCLASSES;
This is a comma-separated list of the classes whose xml elements can be used as the root level element of a document separated with a ':' and the XML tag name to correlate this with e.g. "User.Person:person,User.Company:company".
parameter SACATEGORY;
Optional. This is a comma-separated list of category names. If specified, only classes that contain an SACATEGORY parameter included in the list will be added to the schema. This provides a way to create a subset of a larger set of components.
This is the namespace value used to identify this SA schema. This corresponds to the XMLNamespace keyword of a Studio XData block.


classmethod GetAttrsForClass(pClass As %String, Output pAttrList) as %Status
Given a class (and default namespace) find the list of XML attributes it can contain.
classmethod GetElementsForClass(pClass As %String, Output pElementList, Output pReferencedClasses) as %Status
Given a class (and default namespace) find the list of XML elements it can contain. This list of the form: ^List(el) = class
classmethod GetXMLElementsForClass(pClass As %String, Output pElements) as %Status
Return an array of XML element names that could be used within a document wherever pClass is expected.
classmethod GetXMLNameForClass(pClass As %String) as %String
Return the XML name for the given class (or "" if there is none). If the class is not in the default namespace, its namespace will be prepended to the XML name.
classmethod IsUpToDate(pChecksum As %String, pParameter As %String) as %Boolean
Inherited description: Subclass should override this method. Return a boolean to indicate whether the output associated with the pChecksum is still up-to-date or not.
classmethod OutputToStream(pStream As %Stream.Object, Output pChecksum As %String, pParameter As %String) as %Status
Output SASchema definition into a stream
classmethod SchemaToPrefix(pSchema As %String) as %String
Convert a schema name to a reasonable "prefix".
classmethod XMLName2DisplayName(pName As %String, pCurrentNS As %String) as %String
Take an element and make sure it has the correct namespace prefix to match the given local namespace context.
classmethod XMLName2NameSpace(pName) as %String
classmethod XMLName2ShortName(pName) as %String

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