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class %SAML.KeyInfoConfirmationData extends %SAML.SubjectConfirmationData

Data for SubjectConfirmation wit hKeyInfo


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 2


Address InResponseTo KeyInfo NotBefore NotOnOrAfter

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• parameter XMLTYPE = "KeyInfoConfirmationDataType";
This parameter provides the default XMLTYPE for the class. If it is empty then the class name will be used to construct a default XML type. The default XMLTYPE is used when naming and referencing this type in a schema and the schema context did not provide an XML type name.


• property KeyInfo as list of %XML.Security.KeyInfo(REFELEMENTQUALIFIED=1,REFNAMESPACE="",XMLPROJECTION="element",XMLREF=1);
As a special case allow a list of KeyInfo elements as need for WS-Security.

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