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class %CSP.Utils extends %CSP.Page

The %CSP.Utils provides utilities for CSP. %CSP.Utils is also a CSP page that displays the values of all the objects associated with this page.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
2 10


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• parameter ENCODED = 0;
Override ENCODED from %CSP.Page
• parameter PRIVATE = 1;
Override PRIVATE from %CSP.Page


• classmethod DisplayAllObjects() as %Boolean
Call this method to output as HTML the values of all the objects associated with this page. This can be called from anywhere in your page as a debugging aid.
• classmethod OnPage() as %Status
OnPage method for CSP page to display the values of all the objects associated with this page.
• classmethod dumpMultidimentional(Key As %String, Name As %String)
Display the content of a multidimensional array.
• classmethod dumpObject(oref As %String, title As %String)
Display an object as HTML
• classmethod dumpQueries(oref As %String, Name As %String, help As %String = "")
Display query parameters from %request object
• classmethod dumpSet(oref As %String, Name As %String, Suffix As %String)
Display a set of name/value pairs such as CGI variables or cookies.
• classmethod dumpStreams(oref As %String, title As %String)
Display streams from request object.

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