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class %CSP.RuleBlock extends %CSP.Rule

The %CSP.RuleBlock class is the super class of all rule generated classes for block structured tags, e.g. csp:if, that represent elements within the DOM model.


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Children Closed Container EndLabel Family
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Rule TagAttributes TagName Text TextOnly

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• property Container as %CSP.RuleBlock;
The object instance for the containing block or "".
• property EndLabel as %String;
The label used for the end of this block, e.g. the /csp:if clause for csp:if or after the loop for csp:while
• property NextLabel as %String;
The label used for the next block, e.g. the csp:else clause for csp:if or the next iteration for csp:while


• method GetCurrentBlock() as %CSP.RuleBlock
Get current block without creating a new one.
• method GetNewLabel() as %String
Get a new block label.
• method NewBlock()
Get a new block and associated labels for this nested code block.
• method RemoveBlock()
Remove the this nested block.

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