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stream class %CSP.BinaryStream extends %GlobalBinaryStream, %CSP.Stream

Web Stream class that stores binary data in global nodes.


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%Location AtEnd Attributes CharSet ContentType
Expires FileName Headers Id LastModified
LineTerminator MimeSection Size

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CharSetGet CharSetSet Clear ContentTypeGet
ContentTypeSet CopyFrom CopyFromAndSave DeleteAttribute
DeleteStream ExpiresGet ExpiresSet FileNameGet
FileNameSet FindAt Flush GetAttribute
GetAttributeList GetStreamId GlobalFromSid HeadersGet
HeadersSet InputFromDevice IsCharacter IsDefinedAttribute
IsNull LastModifiedGet LineTerminatorSet MimeSectionGet
MimeSectionSet MoveTo MoveToEnd NextAttribute
OpenStream OutputToDevice OutputToDeviceAt Read
ReadLine ReadLineIntoStream ReadSQL Rewind
SaveStream SerializeToSyncSet SetAttribute SetAttributeList
SizeGet StreamOIDIsNull SyncStreamIn Write

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