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class EnsPortal.EDI.ValidationStructure extends EnsPortal.EDI.Template

Page to invoke the HTML renderer. Converted (with very few changes) from a CSP page to a Zen page.

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parameter PAGENAME = Validation Structure;
Displayed name of this page.


property DocType as %String (ZENURL = "DocType");
Property methods: DocTypeDisplayToLogical(), DocTypeGet(), DocTypeIsValid(), DocTypeLogicalToDisplay(), DocTypeLogicalToOdbc(), DocTypeNormalize(), DocTypeSet()
property SegType as %String (ZENURL = "SegType");
Property methods: SegTypeDisplayToLogical(), SegTypeGet(), SegTypeIsValid(), SegTypeLogicalToDisplay(), SegTypeLogicalToOdbc(), SegTypeNormalize(), SegTypeSet()


Inherited description: Return the array of links to show in the locator bar.
method %OnGetPageName() as %String
Get the (localized) name of the page.
method DrawContent(pSeed As %String) as %Status
Draw main HTML content for this page.
classmethod RenderCategory(pCategory) as %Status
classmethod RenderElement(pCategory, pAgency, pRef, pSet As %String, pSegIDX As %Integer, pSegID As %String, pEleIDX As %Integer, pEleDesc As %String, pComIDX As %Integer = 0, pComDesc As %String = "")
Given an element description and optional composite description, render the element
classmethod RenderSegment(pCategory As %String, pSet As %String, pOrdinal As %Integer) as %Status
Given a specific set and segment index, render that segment's information
classmethod RenderSyntaxRule(pRule As %String) as %Status
classmethod RenderTransactionSet(pCategory As %String, pSet As %String) as %Status
classmethod RenderUnusedComp(pCategory, pAgency, pRef, pSet As %String, pSegIDX As %Integer, pSegID As %String, pComIDX As %Integer = 0, pComDesc As %String = "")
Given a composite description for an unused composite, render the element
classmethod UserReq(pRequirement As %String) as %String
Convert the cryptic requirement symbol into something more user-friendly

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