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class EnsLib.SQL.InboundProcAdapter extends EnsLib.SQL.InboundAdapter

SQL database-polling client adapter. Repeatedly executes a sql procedure against a remote database via an ODBC- or JDBC- defined DSN (Data Source Name) and processes each resulting row.

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parameter DOMAIN = ENSEMBLE;
parameter SETTINGS = -Query,Procedure:Data,IO:Data,OutputParamNames:Data,-DoNotInterruptResultSet;
Inherited description: These are the production settings for this object


property IO as %String;
A text string in which each character corresponds to one of the query parameters. The character 'i' means the corresponding parameter is an Input parameter. The character 'o' means it is an Output parameter, and 'b' means it is Both an Input and an Output parameter. If the procedure is a function which has a return value, an 'o' should be added in front to account for the return value.
Property methods: IODisplayToLogical(), IOGet(), IOIsValid(), IOLogicalToDisplay(), IOLogicalToOdbc(), IONormalize(), IOSet()
property OutputParamNames as %String);
A comma-separated list of property names corresponding to any output parameters of the procedure. If the procedure is a function, each parameter with an IO type of either 'o' or 'b' should have a name specified.
Property methods: OutputParamNamesDisplayToLogical(), OutputParamNamesGet(), OutputParamNamesIsValid(), OutputParamNamesLogicalToDisplay(), OutputParamNamesLogicalToOdbc(), OutputParamNamesNormalize(), OutputParamNamesSet()
property Procedure as %String (MAXLEN = 1000);
The name of the procedure to be called by this Service. This should include any ? characters used to indicate parameters of the procedure, but should not include any SQL commands (eg. Select or Call)
Property methods: ProcedureDisplayToLogical(), ProcedureGet(), ProcedureIsValid(), ProcedureLogicalToDisplay(), ProcedureLogicalToOdbc(), ProcedureNormalize(), ProcedureSet()


method OnInit() as %Status
Inherited description: This user callback method is called just after %OnNew()
method OnTask() as %Status
Copied from EnsLib.SQL.InboundAdapter, except adjusted to use ExecuteProcedureParmArray and make use of IO and returned parameters

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