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abstract class EnsLib.RecordMap.Operation.ComplexBatchStandard extends Ens.BusinessOperation

Base class for writing out RecordMap ComplexBatch objects. The batch will be written to a temporary file, and the ProcessTempFile()() callback will be invoked when complete to allow subclasses to transmit the batch to its destination.

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parameter SETTINGS = ComplexMap:Basic:selector?context={/Classes?super=EnsLib.RecordMap.ComplexMap&hideAbstract=1},OpenMode;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property ComplexMap as %String (MAXLEN = 220) [ Required ];
Name of the Complex RecordMap which is to be written out.
Property methods: ComplexMapDisplayToLogical(), ComplexMapGet(), ComplexMapIsValid(), ComplexMapLogicalToDisplay(), ComplexMapLogicalToOdbc(), ComplexMapNormalize(), ComplexMapSet()
property OpenMode as %String [ InitialExpression = "RWN" ];
Mode to open the temporary file with when creating a new file for a batch. See the documentation for %IO.FileStream and file devices for more information on the available options.
Property methods: OpenModeDisplayToLogical(), OpenModeGet(), OpenModeIsValid(), OpenModeLogicalToDisplay(), OpenModeLogicalToOdbc(), OpenModeNormalize(), OpenModeSet()


method GetCharEncoding() as %String
Return the expected character encoding to use for the output. The Batch operation uses a temp file to store data prior to writing out the end of the batch, and we need to know what encoding we should use to match the final output encoding. Subclasses that specify alternate character encodings should override this method.
method GetTempStream(Output pIOStream As %IO.DeviceStream) as %Status
Get a temporary file stream for output.
method OnInit() as %Status
Confirm that the Complex RecordMap exists and confirm that the ComplexBatch class has been generated.
method OnMessage(pRequest As %Persistent, Output pResponse As %Persistent) as %Status
Handle incoming ComplexBatch objects. The entire ComplexBatch will be written out at that point in time.
method ProcessTempStream(pTempStream As %IO.DeviceStream, pBatch As EnsLib.RecordMap.ComplexBatch) as %Status
Subclass responsibility.
method PutBatch(pBatch As EnsLib.RecordMap.ComplexBatch, pIOStream As %IO.DeviceStream) as %Status
Handle writing out a ComplexBatch to a supplied stream.

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