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class EnsLib.EDI.SEF.Document extends EnsLib.EDI.SEF.Node

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property Agency as %String;
This holds the responsible agency code, which identifies the standards organization
Property methods: AgencyDisplayToLogical(), AgencyGet(), AgencyIsValid(), AgencyLogicalToDisplay(), AgencyLogicalToOdbc(), AgencyNormalize(), AgencySet()
property DocType as %String;
This holds the doc type
Property methods: DocTypeDisplayToLogical(), DocTypeGet(), DocTypeIsValid(), DocTypeLogicalToDisplay(), DocTypeLogicalToOdbc(), DocTypeNormalize(), DocTypeSet()
property Name as %String;
This holds the identifing name of the Document
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()
property ObjVars as ObjectVariableList;
This holds the object variables
Property methods: ObjVarsGet(), ObjVarsGetSwizzled(), ObjVarsIsValid(), ObjVarsNewObject(), ObjVarsSet()
property Ref as %String;
This holds the name of the reference tables to be used for this document
Property methods: RefDisplayToLogical(), RefGet(), RefIsValid(), RefLogicalToDisplay(), RefLogicalToOdbc(), RefNormalize(), RefSet()
property SemRefs as SemanticReferenceList;
This holds the semantic references
Property methods: SemRefsGet(), SemRefsGetSwizzled(), SemRefsIsValid(), SemRefsNewObject(), SemRefsSet()
property Sets as EnsLib.EDI.SEF.SetList;
This holds the transaction sets, usually only 1 per SEF file but may be more
Property methods: SetsGet(), SetsGetSwizzled(), SetsIsValid(), SetsNewObject(), SetsSet()
property Standard as %String;
This holds the Standard on which the implementation guidelines for this document is based
Property methods: StandardDisplayToLogical(), StandardGet(), StandardIsValid(), StandardLogicalToDisplay(), StandardLogicalToOdbc(), StandardNormalize(), StandardSet()
property Title as %String;
This holds the doc title
Property methods: TitleDisplayToLogical(), TitleGet(), TitleIsValid(), TitleLogicalToDisplay(), TitleLogicalToOdbc(), TitleNormalize(), TitleSet()


method GenerateDescriptor(pCompiler As EnsLib.EDI.SEF.Compiler) as %Status
This method is overriden by subclasses to generate the code that this node represents
method GenerateText(pStream As %CharacterStream) as %Status
This method is override by subclases to generate the textual representation of this node
method GetSegment(pTable As %Integer, pOrdinal As %Integer, pSegName As %String, Output pSegment As EnsLib.EDI.SEF.Segment) as %String
method Validate(ByRef pStatus As %Status) as %Status
Perform a sanity check on the nodes in the parse tree

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