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class %CSP.Portal.SourceControl.IO extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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property Device as %String;
The name of the device from which data is being captured. Note that this device will be used, and thus become the current device, when redirection is started.
Property methods: DeviceDisplayToLogical(), DeviceGet(), DeviceIsValid(), DeviceLogicalToDisplay(), DeviceLogicalToOdbc(), DeviceNormalize(), DeviceSet()
property InCapture as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Flag to indicate whether a capture is underway.
Property methods: InCaptureDisplayToLogical(), InCaptureGet(), InCaptureIsValid(), InCaptureLogicalToDisplay(), InCaptureNormalize(), InCaptureSet()
property Mode as %Integer (DISPLAYLIST = ",stream,array", VALUELIST = ",1,2");
Capture mode indicating how the data should be stored.
Property methods: ModeDisplayToLogical(), ModeGet(), ModeIsValid(), ModeLogicalToDisplay(), ModeNormalize()
property NewLineTranslation as %String (VALUELIST = ",,JS,HTML");
Flag indicating whether newline translation should be used.
Property methods: NewLineTranslationDisplayToLogical(), NewLineTranslationGet(), NewLineTranslationIsValid(), NewLineTranslationLogicalToDisplay(), NewLineTranslationLogicalToOdbc(), NewLineTranslationNormalize(), NewLineTranslationSet()


method ClearData(pReplacementStream As %Stream.Object = "") as %Status
method GetData(Output pData) as %Status
Get the data captured during the redirection. pData will be a stream object if stream mode was specified,
method ModeSet(pMode) as %Status
Ensure that Data is correctly initialized whenever Mode is changed.
classmethod Redirect(Output pInstance As %CSP.Portal.SourceControl.IO, pMode As %String = "stream", pStream As %Stream.Object = "", pDevice As %String = $IO, pNewLineTranslation As %String = "") as %Status
Initialize redirection and return the current %CSP.Portal.SourceControl.IO instance in pInstance. pMode can take one of two values, either "stream" or "array". pDevice defines the device which should be used as the source for the data - note that the device must already be open for the redirection to work.
method StartRedirect() as %Status
Start the redirection using the current settings.
method StopRedirect() as %Status
Stop the IO redirection, correct the state of InCapture and clean up the %ISCIO variable
method WriteData(data As %String) as %Status
Capture the data based on the current value of Mode.

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