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deprecated class extends %ZEN.Component.component

link component.
This component places a link (HTML anchor element) within a ZEN page.

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property caption as %ZEN.Datatype.caption (ZENEXPRESSION = 1);
Text to display for the link.
This value is interpreted as text, not HTML.
Property methods: captionDisplayToLogical(), captionGet(), captionIsValid(), captionLogicalToDisplay(), captionLogicalToOdbc(), captionNormalize(), captionSet()
property disabled as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, this link is disabled.
A disabled link is redisplayed without an anchor tag to ensure that it is truly disabled.
Property methods: disabledDisplayToLogical(), disabledGet(), disabledIsValid(), disabledLogicalToDisplay(), disabledLogicalToOdbc(), disabledLogicalToXSD(), disabledNormalize(), disabledSet(), disabledXSDToLogical()
property href as %ZEN.Datatype.uri (ZENEXPRESSION = 1);
HREF (URL) to use for the link.
Property methods: hrefDisplayToLogical(), hrefGet(), hrefIsValid(), hrefLogicalToDisplay(), hrefLogicalToOdbc(), hrefNormalize(), hrefSet()
property onclick as %ZEN.Datatype.eventHandler;
onclick event handler: This event is fired when the mouse is clicked on the link.
Property methods: onclickDisplayToLogical(), onclickGet(), onclickIsValid(), onclickLogicalToDisplay(), onclickLogicalToOdbc(), onclickNormalize(), onclickSet()
property style as;
Optional CSS style expression to apply to this link.
Property methods: styleDisplayToLogical(), styleGet(), styleIsValid(), styleLogicalToDisplay(), styleLogicalToOdbc(), styleNormalize(), styleSet()
property target as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
The HTML target value applied to the link.
This controls where the new document will be displayed when the user clicks on a link. Typically this is the name of a frame.
HTML also defines for special values for target:
  • "_blank" - open the link in a new window.
  • "_parent" - open the link in our parent window.
  • "_self" - open the link in current window.
  • "_top" - open the link in topmost window.
Property methods: targetDisplayToLogical(), targetGet(), targetIsValid(), targetLogicalToDisplay(), targetLogicalToOdbc(), targetNormalize(), targetSet()
property title as %ZEN.Datatype.caption (ZENEXPRESSION = 1);
Optional title (tooltip) to display for the link.
Property methods: titleDisplayToLogical(), titleGet(), titleIsValid(), titleLogicalToDisplay(), titleLogicalToOdbc(), titleNormalize(), titleSet()


method %DrawHTML()
Inherited description: Static HTML display method: draw the BODY of this component as HTML.
Subclasses implement this in order to render the static HTML contents of a component.
clientmethod onClickHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
Internal method: Handle user click on the link element.
clientmethod setProperty(property, value, value2) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the value of a named property.

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