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deprecated class %ZEN.Auxiliary.gridRowDescriptor extends %ZEN.Component.object

Defines a row descriptor within a %ZEN.Component.dataGrid component.

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parameter XMLNAME = rowDescriptor;
Inherited description: This parameter provides the default XMLNAME for the class. If it is empty then the class name will be used to construct a default XML name. The default XMLNAME is used as the top level tag when exporting objects and the export context did not provide an XML container name.


property caption as %ZEN.Datatype.caption (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional caption to apply to this element.
Property methods: captionDisplayToLogical(), captionGet(), captionIsValid(), captionLogicalToDisplay(), captionLogicalToOdbc(), captionNormalize(), captionSet()
property format as %ZEN.Datatype.string (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional format to apply to this element.
Property methods: formatDisplayToLogical(), formatGet(), formatIsValid(), formatLogicalToDisplay(), formatLogicalToOdbc(), formatNormalize(), formatSet()
property height as %ZEN.Datatype.length (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional height to apply to this element.
Property methods: heightDisplayToLogical(), heightGet(), heightIsValid(), heightLogicalToDisplay(), heightLogicalToOdbc(), heightNormalize(), heightSet()
property priority as %ZEN.Datatype.integer (MAXVAL = 2, MINVAL = 0, XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional priority to apply to this element.
Property methods: priorityDisplayToLogical(), priorityGet(), priorityIsValid(), priorityLogicalToDisplay(), priorityLogicalToOdbc(), priorityNormalize(), prioritySet()
property readOnly as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional readOnly attribute to apply to this element.
Property methods: readOnlyDisplayToLogical(), readOnlyGet(), readOnlyIsValid(), readOnlyLogicalToDisplay(), readOnlyLogicalToOdbc(), readOnlyLogicalToXSD(), readOnlyNormalize(), readOnlySet(), readOnlyXSDToLogical()
property rows as list of %ZEN.Auxiliary.gridRowDescriptor (XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT", XMLREF = 1, XMLTYPECONSTRAINT = "CHOICE", ZENSETTING = 0);
Optional child descriptors for this row.
Property methods: rowsBuildValueArray(), rowsCollectionToDisplay(), rowsCollectionToOdbc(), rowsDisplayToCollection(), rowsGet(), rowsGetObject(), rowsGetObjectId(), rowsGetSwizzled(), rowsIsValid(), rowsOdbcToCollection(), rowsSet(), rowsSetObject(), rowsSetObjectId()
property style as %ZEN.Datatype.string (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional style to apply to this element.
Property methods: styleDisplayToLogical(), styleGet(), styleIsValid(), styleLogicalToDisplay(), styleLogicalToOdbc(), styleNormalize(), styleSet()
property width as %ZEN.Datatype.length (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
Optional width to apply to this element.
Property methods: widthDisplayToLogical(), widthGet(), widthIsValid(), widthLogicalToDisplay(), widthLogicalToOdbc(), widthNormalize(), widthSet()

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