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abstract class %SYSTEM.Monitor extends %SYSTEM.Help

The %SYSTEM.Monitor class provides an interface for accessing the System Monitor. You can Get/Set/Clear the system 'State' and 'Alerts' counter.

You can use it via the special $SYSTEM object.

You can call help to get a list of all entrypoints:

Do $SYSTEM.Monitor.Help()

Method Inventory


classmethod Alerts() as %Integer
Returns the number of alerts posted to messages.log.
classmethod Clear() as %Integer
Clears the alerts counter and sets the system state = 0 (OK).
classmethod ClearAlerts() as %Integer
Clears the alerts counter.
classmethod GetAlerts(Alerts As %Integer, Messages As %String, LastAlert As %String = "") as %Status
Read messages from the alerts.log file. Returns the number of messages in 'Alerts' and an array of those messages in 'Messages'. 'LastAlert' contains the last message added to the alerts.log file.

This may be called periodically to get only recently added alerts. The first time GetAlerts is called, the caller should set LastAlert="". The caller may then retain the returned value and pass that LastAlert back in subsequent calls, to only retrieve messages added since then.
classmethod SetState(State As %Integer) as %Integer
Set the system state. See State() for allowed integer values.
classmethod State() as %Integer
Returns the system state as an integer.

-1: System is hung
0: System state is OK
1: System state is Warning
2: System state is Alert

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