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class %DeepSee.extensions.clusters.ASW extends %Library.RegisteredObject

This class calculates Average Silhouette Width index. The technique provides a succinct graphical representation of how well each object lies within its cluster. See Wikipedia article for more information.

Validity indices are used in Cluster Validation and determination of the optimal number of clusters.

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property Model as AbstractModel;
Property methods: ModelGet(), ModelGetSwizzled(), ModelIsValid(), ModelNewObject(), ModelSet()
property SubsetKey as %Integer;
Property methods: SubsetKeyDisplayToLogical(), SubsetKeyGet(), SubsetKeyIsValid(), SubsetKeyLogicalToDisplay(), SubsetKeyNormalize(), SubsetKeySet()


method ab(i As %Integer, Output a As %Double, Output b As %Double, Output neigbour As %Integer) as %Status
method calculate(Output sc As %Status) as %Double
method calculateForSample(SampleSize As %Integer, Output sc As %Status) as %Double
method s(i As %Integer, Output s As %Double, Output neigbour As %Integer) as %Status

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