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class %Collection.ListOfObjCN extends %Collection.ListOfObj

A version of the %Collection.ListOfObj collection class that stores class names in OIDs. These %Collection classes can only be used when you have a collection property of another object as they rely on storing the data inside the parent object, they can not be used as 'stand alone' collections, for this use the %ListOfObjectsWithClassName.

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method Find(element As %ObjectIdentity, key As %Integer) as %String
Starting from, but not including, position key, Find finds the next element in the list whose OID value equals element. If key is a null string, Find starts at the beginning of the list.

Find returns the position of the found element or null string ("") if no element was found.

method Serialize(force As %Integer = 0) as %String
Serialize() constructs a serialized form of the collection as a string

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