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deprecated abstract class %ZEN.Component.dataView

This abstract class defines the common interface needed by dataView components (the View part of the Model-View-Controller architecture).

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property %controller as %ZEN.Auxiliary.dataController (XMLPROJECTION = "none");
Internal property.
Used by server to hold a reference to the associated dataController object.
Property methods: %controllerGet(), %controllerGetSwizzled(), %controllerIsValid(), %controllerNewObject(), %controllerSet()
property controller as %ZEN.Datatype.string (XMLPROJECTION = "none", ZENSETTING = 0);
Internal property.
Used by client to hold a reference to the associated %ZEN.Auxiliary.dataController object.
Property methods: controllerDisplayToLogical(), controllerGet(), controllerIsValid(), controllerLogicalToDisplay(), controllerLogicalToOdbc(), controllerNormalize(), controllerSet()
property controllerId as (COMPONENTTYPE = "dataController");
Optional. The id of the %ZEN.Auxiliary.dataController object that provides data for this dataView component.
If provided, this must be the valid id of a %ZEN.Auxiliary.dataController object.
Property methods: controllerIdDisplayToLogical(), controllerIdGet(), controllerIdIsValid(), controllerIdLogicalToDisplay(), controllerIdLogicalToOdbc(), controllerIdNormalize(), controllerIdSet()
property onnotifyView as %ZEN.Datatype.eventHandler;
onnotifyView event handler: This event is fired when a dataController connected to this dataView raises an event.
Property methods: onnotifyViewDisplayToLogical(), onnotifyViewGet(), onnotifyViewIsValid(), onnotifyViewLogicalToDisplay(), onnotifyViewLogicalToOdbc(), onnotifyViewNormalize(), onnotifyViewSet()


clientmethod getController() [ Language = javascript ]
Get the dataController component associated with this dataView, if present. Returns null if no there is no controller. This is used by dataView implementation classes.
clientmethod sendEventToController(reason, data1, data2, data3) [ Language = javascript ]
If connected, send an event to a dataController. This is used by dataView implementation classes. Possible values of reason include:
'propertyChange' - data1 is property name,data2 is the new value,data3 is the series number (if applicable).
clientmethod setControllerId(id) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the controller id for this dataView and establish a connection to the new controller. This is used by dataView implementation classes.


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