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serial class SYS.History.Performance extends %Library.SerialObject

A list of Performance metric properties for the PerfData interval collection class.

These properties are all 'counter' types and the interval data is collected as deltas, which represent the change in the counter over the last interval. When this data is summarized into hourly and daily values, the data is normalized to per-second rates.

For details, see History Monitor.

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property ECPBlockAdd as %Numeric;
ECP App Server database blocks added to cache
Property methods: ECPBlockAddDisplayToLogical(), ECPBlockAddGet(), ECPBlockAddIsValid(), ECPBlockAddLogicalToDisplay(), ECPBlockAddNormalize(), ECPBlockAddSet()
property ECPBlockPurgeBuff as %Numeric;
ECP App Server database blocks purged by buffer allocation
Property methods: ECPBlockPurgeBuffDisplayToLogical(), ECPBlockPurgeBuffGet(), ECPBlockPurgeBuffIsValid(), ECPBlockPurgeBuffLogicalToDisplay(), ECPBlockPurgeBuffNormalize(), ECPBlockPurgeBuffSet()
property ECPBlockPurgeSvr as %Numeric;
ECP App Server database blocks purged as requested by a Data Server
Property methods: ECPBlockPurgeSvrDisplayToLogical(), ECPBlockPurgeSvrGet(), ECPBlockPurgeSvrIsValid(), ECPBlockPurgeSvrLogicalToDisplay(), ECPBlockPurgeSvrNormalize(), ECPBlockPurgeSvrSet()
property ECPByteRcvd as %Numeric;
ECP App Server bytes received
Property methods: ECPByteRcvdDisplayToLogical(), ECPByteRcvdGet(), ECPByteRcvdIsValid(), ECPByteRcvdLogicalToDisplay(), ECPByteRcvdNormalize(), ECPByteRcvdSet()
property ECPByteSent as %Numeric;
ECP App Server bytes sent
Property methods: ECPByteSentDisplayToLogical(), ECPByteSentGet(), ECPByteSentIsValid(), ECPByteSentLogicalToDisplay(), ECPByteSentNormalize(), ECPByteSentSet()
deprecated property ECPConn as %Numeric [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
ECP Data Server active client connections ** DEPRECATED ** This property is not a 'counter' like the rest of this class, and does not produce values suitable for per-second summaries. All values will now be zero.
Property methods: ECPConnDisplayToLogical(), ECPConnGet(), ECPConnIsValid(), ECPConnLogicalToDisplay(), ECPConnNormalize(), ECPConnSet()
property GloASeize as %Numeric;
Global resource "A" seize (acquired by spinning)
Property methods: GloASeizeDisplayToLogical(), GloASeizeGet(), GloASeizeIsValid(), GloASeizeLogicalToDisplay(), GloASeizeNormalize(), GloASeizeSet()
property GloNSeize as %Numeric;
Global resource "N" seize (spin failed)
Property methods: GloNSeizeDisplayToLogical(), GloNSeizeGet(), GloNSeizeIsValid(), GloNSeizeLogicalToDisplay(), GloNSeizeNormalize(), GloNSeizeSet()
property GloRef as %Numeric;
Global references (local databases)
Property methods: GloRefDisplayToLogical(), GloRefGet(), GloRefIsValid(), GloRefLogicalToDisplay(), GloRefNormalize(), GloRefSet()
property GloRefRem as %Numeric;
Global references (remote databases)
Property methods: GloRefRemDisplayToLogical(), GloRefRemGet(), GloRefRemIsValid(), GloRefRemLogicalToDisplay(), GloRefRemNormalize(), GloRefRemSet()
property GloSeize as %Numeric;
Global resource seize
Property methods: GloSeizeDisplayToLogical(), GloSeizeGet(), GloSeizeIsValid(), GloSeizeLogicalToDisplay(), GloSeizeNormalize(), GloSeizeSet()
property GloUpdate as %Numeric;
Global updates (local SET and KILL)
Property methods: GloUpdateDisplayToLogical(), GloUpdateGet(), GloUpdateIsValid(), GloUpdateLogicalToDisplay(), GloUpdateNormalize(), GloUpdateSet()
property GloUpdateRem as %Numeric;
Global updates (remote SET and KILL)
Property methods: GloUpdateRemDisplayToLogical(), GloUpdateRemGet(), GloUpdateRemIsValid(), GloUpdateRemLogicalToDisplay(), GloUpdateRemNormalize(), GloUpdateRemSet()
property JrnBlock as %Numeric;
Journal Block Writes, journal blocks written to disk.
Property methods: JrnBlockDisplayToLogical(), JrnBlockGet(), JrnBlockIsValid(), JrnBlockLogicalToDisplay(), JrnBlockNormalize(), JrnBlockSet()
property JrnEntry as %Numeric;
Journal Entries, journal records created
Property methods: JrnEntryDisplayToLogical(), JrnEntryGet(), JrnEntryIsValid(), JrnEntryLogicalToDisplay(), JrnEntryNormalize(), JrnEntrySet()
property LogReads as %Numeric;
Logical Database Reads (blocks in memory)
Property methods: LogReadsDisplayToLogical(), LogReadsGet(), LogReadsIsValid(), LogReadsLogicalToDisplay(), LogReadsNormalize(), LogReadsSet()
property ObjASeize as %Numeric;
Object resource "A" seize (acquired by spinning)
Property methods: ObjASeizeDisplayToLogical(), ObjASeizeGet(), ObjASeizeIsValid(), ObjASeizeLogicalToDisplay(), ObjASeizeNormalize(), ObjASeizeSet()
property ObjDel as %Numeric;
Object deleted
Property methods: ObjDelDisplayToLogical(), ObjDelGet(), ObjDelIsValid(), ObjDelLogicalToDisplay(), ObjDelNormalize(), ObjDelSet()
property ObjHit as %Numeric;
Object references (found in process memory)
Property methods: ObjHitDisplayToLogical(), ObjHitGet(), ObjHitIsValid(), ObjHitLogicalToDisplay(), ObjHitNormalize(), ObjHitSet()
property ObjLoad as %Numeric;
Object loaded from disk (not in shared memory)
Property methods: ObjLoadDisplayToLogical(), ObjLoadGet(), ObjLoadIsValid(), ObjLoadLogicalToDisplay(), ObjLoadNormalize(), ObjLoadSet()
property ObjMiss as %Numeric;
Object references (not in process memory)
Property methods: ObjMissDisplayToLogical(), ObjMissGet(), ObjMissIsValid(), ObjMissLogicalToDisplay(), ObjMissNormalize(), ObjMissSet()
property ObjNew as %Numeric;
Object initialized
Property methods: ObjNewDisplayToLogical(), ObjNewGet(), ObjNewIsValid(), ObjNewLogicalToDisplay(), ObjNewNormalize(), ObjNewSet()
property ObjSeize as %Numeric;
Object resource seize
Property methods: ObjSeizeDisplayToLogical(), ObjSeizeGet(), ObjSeizeIsValid(), ObjSeizeLogicalToDisplay(), ObjSeizeNormalize(), ObjSeizeSet()
property PhysReads as %Numeric;
Physical Database Reads (blocks from disk)
Property methods: PhysReadsDisplayToLogical(), PhysReadsGet(), PhysReadsIsValid(), PhysReadsLogicalToDisplay(), PhysReadsNormalize(), PhysReadsSet()
property PhysWrites as %Numeric;
Physical Database Writes (blocks written to disk)
Property methods: PhysWritesDisplayToLogical(), PhysWritesGet(), PhysWritesIsValid(), PhysWritesLogicalToDisplay(), PhysWritesNormalize(), PhysWritesSet()
property RtnASeize as %Numeric;
Routine resource "A" seize (acquired by spinning)
Property methods: RtnASeizeDisplayToLogical(), RtnASeizeGet(), RtnASeizeIsValid(), RtnASeizeLogicalToDisplay(), RtnASeizeNormalize(), RtnASeizeSet()
property RtnCallLocal as %Numeric;
Routine calls (local)
Property methods: RtnCallLocalDisplayToLogical(), RtnCallLocalGet(), RtnCallLocalIsValid(), RtnCallLocalLogicalToDisplay(), RtnCallLocalNormalize(), RtnCallLocalSet()
property RtnCallMiss as %Numeric;
Routines calls not found in memory
Property methods: RtnCallMissDisplayToLogical(), RtnCallMissGet(), RtnCallMissIsValid(), RtnCallMissLogicalToDisplay(), RtnCallMissNormalize(), RtnCallMissSet()
property RtnCallRemote as %Numeric;
Routine calls (remote)
Property methods: RtnCallRemoteDisplayToLogical(), RtnCallRemoteGet(), RtnCallRemoteIsValid(), RtnCallRemoteLogicalToDisplay(), RtnCallRemoteNormalize(), RtnCallRemoteSet()
property RtnLoad as %Numeric;
Routines loaded from disk (or saved to disk) locally
Property methods: RtnLoadDisplayToLogical(), RtnLoadGet(), RtnLoadIsValid(), RtnLoadLogicalToDisplay(), RtnLoadNormalize(), RtnLoadSet()
property RtnLoadRem as %Numeric;
Routines loaded from disk (or saved to disk) remotely
Property methods: RtnLoadRemDisplayToLogical(), RtnLoadRemGet(), RtnLoadRemIsValid(), RtnLoadRemLogicalToDisplay(), RtnLoadRemNormalize(), RtnLoadRemSet()
property RtnSeize as %Numeric;
Routine resource seize
Property methods: RtnSeizeDisplayToLogical(), RtnSeizeGet(), RtnSeizeIsValid(), RtnSeizeLogicalToDisplay(), RtnSeizeNormalize(), RtnSeizeSet()
property WIJWrites as %Numeric;
WIJ physical block writes
Property methods: WIJWritesDisplayToLogical(), WIJWritesGet(), WIJWritesIsValid(), WIJWritesLogicalToDisplay(), WIJWritesNormalize(), WIJWritesSet()


classmethod SetSummary(ByRef Function As %String, Period As %String) as %Status
Configure the summary methods for this class for either the Hourly or Daily summaries. This is a comma-delimited list of functions to use for the summary. The available functions are Average, Maximum (high-water mark), Minimum (lowest value), Standard Deviation, Median, and Total. These are abbreviated in the 'Function' argument as "Avg", "Max", "Min", StDev", Med", and "Tot". If nothing is specified, the default is "Avg,Max,StDev". You may also specify the string "None" for a summary period to disable that summary.

A null 'Function' argument will return the current summary setting in the 'Function' variable.

The 'Period' argument can be either "Hourly" or "Daily".

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