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Commands available ? show help appendable to each command to give more info about commmand > increment page and repeat last query < decrement page and repeat last query quit close shell use use specified object use domain [name|id] use domain use device [devicename|0] use specified device for output (0 is terminal output) use filter [filtername] use specified filter use page [pagenumber] use pagenumber for queries use pagesize [pagesize] use pagesize for queries filter filter operations filter entity filter for entity(ies) filter crc filter for crc(s) filter path filter for path(s) filter source filter for source(s) filter metadata filter for metadata filter query filter based on output of a query filter AND group AND filter for filters filter OR group OR filter for filters filter NOT negated filter --> all filter operations end in "AS [filtername]" list list specified objects list domain list all available domains list filter list all available filters list metadata list all available metadata fields list source list all available sources show show info about specified object show domain show current selected domain show device show the current output device show filter show current selected filter show page show the current page show pagesize show the current pagesize show source [extid|srcid] show specified source show summary [extid|srcid] [length] show specified summary show metadata [extid|srcid] show all metadata values for specified source show metaddata [extid|srcid] [field|id] show the metadata value for the field of the specified source reset reset all states (current filter = "", device = 0, page = 1, pagesize = 10), keeping the selected domain top entities shows all top entities top crc shows all top crcs similar shows all similar entities related shows all related entities run [filename] run the script found in filename line by line

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property Filters [ MultiDimensional ];
Array of available filters
Property methods: FiltersDisplayToLogical(), FiltersGet(), FiltersIsValid(), FiltersLogicalToDisplay(), FiltersLogicalToOdbc(), FiltersNormalize(), FiltersSet()
property LastCommand [ MultiDimensional ];
Last executed command
Property methods: LastCommandDisplayToLogical(), LastCommandGet(), LastCommandIsValid(), LastCommandLogicalToDisplay(), LastCommandLogicalToOdbc(), LastCommandNormalize(), LastCommandSet()
property RunState as %iKnow.Shell.RunState;
Current runstate
Property methods: RunStateGet(), RunStateGetSwizzled(), RunStateIsValid(), RunStateNewObject(), RunStateSet()


method Run()

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