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deprecated class %ZEN.Component.locatorBar extends %ZEN.Component.component

This component displays a locator bar; a set of links displayed along the top of a page to indicate where the page is located within the application.

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property OnDrawBar as %ZEN.Datatype.delegator (FORMALSPEC = "seed:%ZEN.Datatype.string", RETURNTYPE = "%Status");
Optional. Name of Server-side callback method that will inject additional content into the center of the locator bar.
If defined, this callback is invoked on the server when this component is drawn. It provides HTML content by using &html or by using the WRITE command.
This must be the name of a server-only method in the page class that contains this component.
Property methods: OnDrawBarDisplayToLogical(), OnDrawBarGet(), OnDrawBarIsValid(), OnDrawBarLogicalToDisplay(), OnDrawBarLogicalToOdbc(), OnDrawBarNormalize(), OnDrawBarSet()
Optional. Name of Server-side callback method that returns an array of quick links. The array is of the form:
If provided, these are displayed in a dropdown list at the edge of the locator bar.
This must be the name of a server-only method in the page class that contains this view component.
Property methods: OnGetQuickLinksDisplayToLogical(), OnGetQuickLinksGet(), OnGetQuickLinksIsValid(), OnGetQuickLinksLogicalToDisplay(), OnGetQuickLinksLogicalToOdbc(), OnGetQuickLinksNormalize(), OnGetQuickLinksSet()
List of link objects.
Each object specifies a link displayed in the locator bar.
Property methods: linksBuildValueArray(), linksCollectionToDisplay(), linksCollectionToOdbc(), linksDisplayToCollection(), linksGet(), linksGetObject(), linksGetObjectId(), linksGetSwizzled(), linksIsValid(), linksOdbcToCollection(), linksSet(), linksSetObject(), linksSetObjectId()
property seed as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENEXPRESSION = 1);
Optional. User-defined seed value. This is an optional parameter that is passed on to the OnDrawBar() callback method.
Property methods: seedDisplayToLogical(), seedGet(), seedIsValid(), seedLogicalToDisplay(), seedLogicalToOdbc(), seedNormalize(), seedSet()


method %DrawHTML()
Static HTML display method
clientmethod onupdateHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This client method, if present, is fired when the object is updated from the server.

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