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serial class %OAuth2.Server.Claim extends %Library.SerialObject

%OAuth2.Server.Claim defines a claim that is requested for an access token, userinfo endpoint or IDToken. The value to be returned for the claim will have the same key in the ClaimValues property of %OAuth2.Server.Properties.

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property Essential as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Essential is true if the claim is essential. Default is false for voluntary claim.
Property methods: EssentialDisplayToLogical(), EssentialGet(), EssentialIsValid(), EssentialLogicalToDisplay(), EssentialNormalize(), EssentialSet()
property Values as list of %String (MAXLEN = 2048);
Values is the list of permissible values for this claim either from the value or values property of the claims object.
Property methods: ValuesBuildValueArray(), ValuesCollectionToDisplay(), ValuesCollectionToOdbc(), ValuesDisplayToCollection(), ValuesDisplayToLogical(), ValuesGet(), ValuesGetObject(), ValuesGetObjectId(), ValuesGetSwizzled(), ValuesIsValid(), ValuesLogicalToDisplay(), ValuesLogicalToOdbc(), ValuesNormalize(), ValuesOdbcToCollection(), ValuesSet(), ValuesSetObject(), ValuesSetObjectId()

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