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serial class EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Filter extends %SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 18 11


ColorBy EndId EndTime GeneratedSQL
IsError MaxRows SequenceManagerSearch SortOrder
Source StartId StartTime Status
Target Terms TimeFormat Timeout
TopCount Type
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Ens.Enterprise.Portal.MsgFilter.EnterpriseFilter Ens.Enterprise.Portal.MsgFilter.Filter


parameter HEADERCLASS = "Ens.MessageHeader";


property ColorBy as %String(VALUELIST=",TimeCreated,SessionId,Status,Error,Source");
Not used in new portal at present, but stored from old portal.
property EndId as %Integer;
End ID value
property EndTime as %String;
End date/time
property GeneratedSQL as %String(MAXLEN="") [ Transient ];
SQL statement generated from the supplied criteria. This property is used by the UI to get the SQL statement.
property IsError as %Integer;
property MaxRows as %Integer(MINVAL=1);
Number of rows to display
property SequenceManagerSearch as %String(VALUELIST=",Dups,Gaps,Lates");
Special Sequence Manager-related searches.
property SortOrder as %String(DISPLAYLIST=",Oldest First,Newest First",VALUELIST=",1,2") [ InitialExpression = 2 ];
How to sort data
property Source as %String(MAXLEN=128);
property StartId as %Integer;
Starting ID value
property StartTime as %String;
Starting date/time
property Status as Ens.DataType.MessageStatus;
Message status
property Target as %String(MAXLEN=128);
property Terms as list of EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Term;
List of terms for this Filter.
property TimeFormat as %String(DISPLAYLIST=",Time Only,Complete",VALUELIST=",12,999") [ InitialExpression = 999 ];
Time format
property Timeout as %Numeric [ Transient ];
Timeout to quit doing PostRS checks from within the query
property TopCount as %Integer;
Number of rows used in a TOP expression.
property Type as %String(DISPLAYLIST=",Session Start,Request,Response,All",VALUELIST=",0,1,2,3") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Message types


classmethod DeleteFromSession() as %Status
Remove the current saved Filter from the CSP session.
classmethod DeleteFromTemp(pKey As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Remove the Filter specified by pKey from IRISTEMP.
classmethod DeleteFromVirtualSession(ByRef pKey As %Integer) as %Status
Remove the Filter specified by pKey from IRISTEMP.
classmethod HasDefaultVals(pFilter As EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Filter) as %Boolean
classmethod LoadFromSession(Output pFilter As EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Filter) as %Status
Deserialise a Filter from the current CSP session, or create a new Filter object if no serialised data exists.
classmethod LoadFromTemp(pKey As %Integer = 0, Output pFilter As EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Filter) as %Status
Deserialise a Filter from IRISTEMP using the key supplied in pKey
classmethod LoadFromVirtualSession(ByRef pKey As %Integer, Output pFilter As EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Filter) as %Status
Deserialize a Filter from IRISTEMP using the key supplied in pKey.
method NextTerm(ByRef iTerm) as EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Term
Find the next valid term in the terms list, skipping over adjacent OR's and leading or trailing OR's
method SaveToSession() as %Status
Serialise the current Filter to the CSP session.
method SaveToTemp(Output pKey As %Integer) as %Status
Serialise the current Filter to IRISTEMP.
method SaveToVirtualSession(ByRef pKey As %Integer) as %Status
Saves the last search for the current browser tab (%session can be shared among browser windows so we use var>pKey to prevent unwanted mixup between browser windows). Serialize the current Filter to IRISTEMP.